Tennis Equipment List – What Do You Need For Playing Tennis

Tennis is a beautiful game when you put your physical and mental strength into the test. You do not need much of a costly equipment and group of people for playing a tennis. You need just one opponent, a few things and a tennis court for a tennis game at the beginning. More you will play, your tennis gear list will grow, but you do not need much for a start. I know how hard it is for a beginner to find out what you really need, so I prepared this tennis equipment list of gear and accessories you need for playing tennis.

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Essential Tennis Gear
Additional Tennis Accessories
Tennis Shoes & Clothing
Tennis Training Equipment
Where to Play Tennis
Tennis Equipment List for Beginner

Essential Tennis Gear

There are two basic things you will need to buy or borrow for your first tennis game. Tennis Racket and Tennis Balls (or Ball, as one ball is enough for a game) are essential items you will need.

Check our guides for picking the right gear for your level of play:

Tennis Rackets

Tennis Rackets for Every Type of Player (for adults)
How to Choose the Best Kids Tennis Racket (for kids)

Tennis Balls

Best Tennis Balls for Every Level

Additional Tennis Accessories

As you will play more you will probably buy more things which are not necessary at the start. (Note: You will get a lot of them from a seller of your racket for free (or they will be part of a package)) Later in your tennis career, you will need to replace older things or you will want to try new parts of your equipment. At such moments our guides are here for you to help.

Vibration Dampener – Do you really need Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener?

Tennis Racket Grip & Overgrip – Difference between Grip and Overgrip and how to choose the Best Tennis Overgrip

Tennis Racket StringsHow Strings impact the play and how to choose the Best Tennis Strings for your Tennis Racket

Tennis Bag – Best Tennis Bags for Every Tennis Player

Tennis Clothing

If you have some sports shoes, shirts and shorts you are basically covered in terms of clothing for your first tennis experience. But later on, you will need to buy shoes or shirts for particular court surface or weather conditions.

Tennis Shoes – Shoes are the most important thing (after a tennis racket and balls) in your tennis career. Different surfaces need different shoes for better movement on the court and preventing unintentional slides resulting in injuries. Our comprehensive guide to Best Tennis Shoes for Every Tennis Surface will help you in choosing the right pair of sneakers.

Tennis T-Shirts – How Tennis T-Shirts Technologies can help you?

Tennis Shorts, Skirts & Skorts – How to Choose the Best Tennis Skorts, Skirts, and Dresses for Women

Tennis (Sports) Bra – Sports Bra and Tops Guide for Active Women

Tennis Elbow Straps & Knee Braces – Never underestimate the possibility to get injured and try to prevent the usual tennis related injuries, therefore read our guide to Tennis Elbow Straps & Knee Braces

Tennis Training Equipment

Tennis Training Equipment is the same as Tennis Equipment for a game. You need a racket, balls, and opponent. But sometimes you need to improve specific strike or spin and then the best help is Tennis Ball Machine.

Our guide How to choose the Best Tennis Ball Machine for Every Player

Where to Play Tennis

Except for all the things I already mentioned, you need also the place where to play. Check your surroundings where is the nearest tennis club at your location.

Tennis Courts – Check at what surface do tennis professionals play most tournaments.

Tennis Nets – Nets are usually the part of the tennis court you rent, but if you need your own, here is our guide.

Tennis Equipment List for Beginner

Tennis Racket – Must have
Tennis Balls – Must have
Tennis Shoes – Must have (the type of shoes depends on the court surface)
Tennis T-Shirts – Not necessary, normal sports t-shirts are enough
Tennis Shorts, Skirts, Skorts – Not necessary, normal sports shorts, skirts are enough
Tennis Elbow Straps & Knee Braces – Necessary if you are prone to elbow and knee injuries
Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener – Not necessary, usually part of a tennis racket package
Tennis Strings – Not necessary, tennis rackets are often sold pre-strung
Tennis Racket Overgrips –  Not necessary, tennis rackets are often sold with overgrip on a handle
Tennis Bags – Not necessary for beginners
Tennis Ball Machines – Not necessary for beginners

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