Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Review

Slinger Tennis Ball Machine becomes a bestseller immediately. The question stands: What will you get for your money? Is it a fully equipped tennis ball machine or not? We looked at the technical specifications and features Slinger Bag offers, and here is our opinion.

At the start, let us look a bit into history. Slinger Bag Ltd. planned to start the sale of its Slinger Bag portable tennis machine – Slingshot T-One Launcher in the summer of 2019, with a price tag below $500. In the end, they sell their product in the range from $675 to $1000 (more details about pricing strategy can be found below).

That still makes the Slinger Bag one of the cheapest tennis ball machines available. However, the start was postponed. The first units of the SlingerBag tennis ball machine were shipped in January 2020 to supporters from the Kickstarter campaign. And until now, hundreds of ball machines were shipped and used by satisfied customers.

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Slinger Bag

Source: Slinger Bag Ltd.

+ Price

+ Light Weight
+ Battery life up to 6 hours
+ Recharging time just 4 hours
+ Ball capacity (144 balls)
+ Embedded bottle holder and USB port for phone recharging
– Maximum ball speed

Slinger Grand Slam Pack
(Slinger T One Launcher + remote control + Slinger oscillator + Telescopic Ball Tube + Camera Holder)
check the price HERE.




Technical Specifications
Available Drills
Remote Control
Battery life & recharging
Pricing & Our Verdict

or check our guide to all essential features and parameters the best tennis ball machines should have.

Technical Specifications:

(as presented by Slinger Bag Ltd.)

Ball Feed Speed: 10 to 40 mph (15 to 53 km)
Ball Feed Interval: 2 to 7 seconds
Ball Capacity: 144 balls
Elevation: 10 to 40 degrees (manual)

Programmable Drills: none
Phone Compatibility: none

Battery life: up to 5 hours
Battery charging: 4 hours for a fully charged battery

Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)
Dimensions: Height: 33 in (83 cm) Length: 20 in (51 cm) Width: 18 in (45 cm)
Case Construction: Durable plastic & textile body


You can not expect many features or technical tweaks in the under $1000 category of tennis ball machines. Usually, they serve just for the practice of flat shots again and again. Tennis ball machines with a price closer to $1000 also have a spin feature or random horizontal oscillation possibility. Remote control, if available, is usually for an additional fee.

Slinger Bag is trying to produce a tennis ball machine for under $800. This price would make the tennis ball machine available for almost anyone. And surprisingly it offers a lot of exciting features for this price.

The ball capacity will be 144 balls, which is close to the Lobster standard of 150 balls. Balls will be shot with pre-set topspin (that can increase with a higher speed set). There is also the possibility to manually adjust the angle of the launch from 10 to 40 degrees.

The ball speed feed can be set in the range of 10 to 40 mph, and the feed interval range is 2 to 7 seconds.  The maximum speed and maximum feed interval are slightly lower than other machines offer. But generally, these parameters are still in line with the market standard in this category.

Initially, Slinger Bag did not offer an oscillation mode. However, at the request of their backers on Kickstarter, they promised to sell an additional rotation platform. And surprisingly, it did not raise the price of the machine too much.

The slinger oscillator is part of the Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack now available with free shipping here.

Available Drills

The speed and feed interval are all you can set before you switch on the Slinger Bag. Programmability is a feature you will get in the top category of tennis ball machines.

Are you looking for a more advanced model with preprogrammed drills and remote control? Check our Spinshot Player tennis ball machine review.

Remote control

A simple on/off remote control is part of the bundled package. The remote control can switch on and off the Slingshot T-One Launcher and also the oscillation platform. The remote control is not a standard accessory in this price category, and just a few models have the possibility to buy a remote control for an additional fee.

Battery life & recharging

Court time up to 5 hours ranks the Slinger Bag at the top among the tennis ball machines. The average battery life of most models is up to 4 hours. Also, in terms of recharging time, Slingshot T-One Launcher belongs at the top of the market. Four hours of recharging time plus overcharging protection are the top what you can get.

Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack just for $759 is available here.


The Slinger Bag is made from durable plastic and textile. It reminds a bigger suitcase with oversized wheels. Slinger is substantially higher than comparable products, which can cause problems with storing or transporting in the car. On the other hand, the Slinger bag tennis ball machine weighs just 33 lbs (15 kg). It makes this model very easily manoeuvrable on the court. Juniors, ladies, or even kids will have no problem with this portable tennis machine.

Another extra feature you will get with Slinger Bag is space for towels, water bags, and a bottle holder. Additionally, SlingerBag also has a USB port for phone recharging. I like this idea as these are the small details which make the life of a tennis player easier.


Head Coach

Slinger Bag Inc. cooperated with Nick Bollettieri, who was the Head Coach of the brand. They also cooperate with Bryan’s brothers, famous doubles tennis players.

Balls for Slinger Bag

At first, Slinger signed a strategic partnership with Wilson about Slinger Trinity Tennis Balls. The first fully recyclable tennis balls Wilson Trinity will be made with a custom Slinger logo. More about Wilson Trinity tennis balls can be found here.

In 2022, Slinger signed a new partnership deal with Dunlop Sports. They, together, developed and designed Dunlop Fort TR Plus pressurized tennis balls and Dunlop Fort XTRA Life pressureless tennis balls for use with Slinger tennis ball machines.

Read more about pressureless tennis balls and why they are ideal for tennis ball machines here or buy them right here on Amazon.

Slinger produces also a pickleball tennis ball machine – check it out here.

Slinger Bag Pricing & Our Verdict

The pricing of the Slinger Bag is very reasonable. The machine (Slingshot T-One Launcher) itself costs $550. The oscillator comes at $120, the telescopic pickup tube at $45, and a camera holder at $40.

Slinger Bag is promoting three different packages at the moment. The first is called Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack which includes all items mentioned above for $799.

If you buy a Slinger ball machine with 72 balls (pressureless or pressurized), the price will rise to $899.99

Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack just for $799 and with free gift is here

The very competitive pricing makes Slinger Bag a real contender among tennis ball machines under $1000. The weight, battery life, recharging time, ball capacity, and remote control make SlingerBag Slingshot T-One Launcher unique.

Slingshot T-One Launcher will be the best starting point for any beginner or intermediate player in need of practice shots. And if you miss some features, do not forget that this is an under $1000 tennis ball machine.

Shop Slinger Bag –  the #1 Tennis Ball Machine under $1000 here or check other ball machines below:

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  1. Hello. I am Zamon, from Russia. I am learning tennis and interested in your ball machine. What is the price? When can I order it? And how about the shipment? How long will it take?

    • well, it seems they are not selling yet.

      Edit on 10/23: They should start selling in November

      Edit on 03/05/2020: Summer 2020 looks like the starting point for Slinger Bag sale

      • 5 stars for Slingerbag?! 40mph only, you can’t adjust the spin, only heavy topspin, huge bag to carry around, more if you want oscillator.
        How can you give it 5 stars?

  2. I was one of the backers on KickStarter for the Slinger Bag and received my two bags a few weeks ago. THIS BALL MACHINE IS AWESOME!!!

    I have two Playmate ball machines that have all the bells and whistles, including being able to provide any shot you want in sequence. Together those two ball machines cost me almost $15,000 with the serve lift.

    Slinger is NOT that type of ball machine. It is a good, basic personal ball machine to use for practicing by yourself. It provides a good service for a great price! The machine has a remote control for turning the machine on and off and the oscillation on and off. There is a large storage compartment in the back of the machine for racquets, water or other gear. The bag also has a phone holder clip so that you can film your shots from the bag’s perspective. The telescoping ball pick-up tube is a great added feature..

    Sure there are many features that are not part of this product, but with a pricepoint this low, you cannot expect it to have everything. for that you will need to go spend $2,000-$3,000.

    For $750, this is an awesome machine!

    • Do you have to use pressureless balls or will Wilson Tour for example suffice? Thanks.

  3. Hello,

    I’m very interested in purchasing this machine. I almost went and bought the spinshot plus and when i talKED to my coach, he suggested to look into this one and I was really impressed with reviews, options and price.
    How can i order one? I’ve sent email to the company but no reply and I would love to make my purchase like soon if possible.


    Adenka Zilberman,
    Las Vegas

  4. I think they will start with the general sale.sometime in summer. So you will either wait or go on with your purchase of Spinshot. Though I prefer Player over Plus. The custom drills are something you would really appreciate. slinger is too simple i think.

  5. I’m looking to buy the Slinger Bag call machine for my home court and to use for practice and good exercise. I haven’t played in a few years. Is this the machine for me.

  6. Hi, I would like to know the price of the Slinger Bag tennis machine, and do you ship to Hong kong?

    • Hey man, did you read the article? The prices are in the last paragraph.

      And did you try the official Slinger page?

  7. Wow, Complete package of information on the Slinger Tennis Balls Machine.
    Now I know that tennis machine only delivers top spin and lack flat shots.
    Keep Sharing…
    Very informative Blog!

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