Slinger Bag

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Review

Slinger Tennis Ball Machine becomes a bestseller immediately. The question stands: What will you get for your money? Is it a fully equipped tennis ball machine or not? We looked at the technical specifications and features Slinger Bag offers, and here is our opinion. At the start, let us look […]

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Sportbot – Mobile Tennis Ball Machine

A revolution in the tennis ball machines sector is coming. At least, I see it that way. A Slovenian-based start-up Sportbot is developing the first mobile tennis ball machine. Mobile means it will move around the court, controlled by your phone, and shoot the balls from different spots on your […]

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Siboasi and Skyegle Tennis Ball Machines

It does not take long and tennis ball machines manufactured in China are available internationally. The manufacturing leader is Dongguan Skyegle Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. This company produces and sells ball machines for different sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, volleyball, etc.). You can check the full product range of […]

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Playmate Tennis Ball Machines Overview

Playmate Tennis is a Morrisville, North Carolina based company belonging under metal company Metaltek. The company specializes in manufacturing tennis ball machines and accessories. The company was established in 1973, and first Playmate tennis ball machines were made in red color resembling European clay courts. In 1975 with the new […]

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Sports Tutor Ball Machines Overview

Sports Tutor Inc. is a Burbank, California based manufacturer of a wide range of athletic ball machines. The product portfolio includes ball machines for baseball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, pickleball, and softball. Sports Tutor is a private company and does not disclose much information. The number of employees is in the […]

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Tennis Tutor Plus/Plus Player Ball Machine Review

Tennis Tutor Plus and Plus Player tennis ball machines are the top portable battery-powered models made by Sports Tutor. These two models differ substantially in price and also in functionality. What are the differences and which is more suitable for you? Check our review below. Pros: + Three preprogrammed drills […]

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Tennis Cube Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Cube is one of the lightest tennis ball machines for beginners and intermediate players. Its price looks promising and offers many exciting features. Go below for our review of the Tennis Cube tennis ball machine. Pros: + price + design + low weight for easy transport + for beginners […]

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Tennis Twist Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor is one of the big tennis ball machines manufacturers (others are Spinshot and Lobster). Tennis Twist is the Sports Tutor entry model for kids and adult beginners. Its price is matchless and the lowest for battery-operated tennis ball machines. What features does Tennis Twist offer for its price? […]

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Tennis Ball Machines – All you need to know

Maybe you remember Andre Agassi’s autobiography (if not, then you should read it definitely). His fierce enemy at Las Vegas home court was his black tennis ball machine. However, look at what he has proven during his career. We definitely can say that the machine was one of the important factors in […]

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Top 15 Tennis Ball Machines

#1 Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack Slinger Bag Grand Slam Pack consists of Slinger Bag T-One Launcher, Slinger Oscillator, Telescopic Ball Tube Picker, remote, and camera holder. This brand new product (the sale started just in 2020) become a bestseller immediately thanks to a unique combination of unrivaled price, fresh […]

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5 Best Tennis Ball Machines under $1000

Tennis Ball Machines with a price under $1000 are intended for beginners or lower intermediate players. They are made for practicing the basic shot set. Beginners who already know the technique of the shots will appreciate the possibility to practice them again and again. You can not expect a lot […]

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Wilson Portable

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine is manufactured by Sports Tutor company under Wilson Sporting Goods license. This tennis ball machine with the name known to everyone in the tennis industry offers a lot of interesting features at a relatively good price. Pros: + 8 different spin levels and 1 flat […]

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Match Mate Tennis

Match Mate (iSAM & PTS) Tennis Ball Machines Overview

Match Mate Tennis was formed by merging assets of two tennis ball machines producers Master Sports and Match Mate. Master Sports Inc. was the producer of SAM tennis ball machines and Match Mate Tennis manufactured Match Mate Rookie and Quickstart tennis ball machines. The merger was arranged and sponsored by […]

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Lobster Logo

Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Overview

American tennis ball machine producer Lobster Sports is one of the most known ball machine brands worldwide. Lobster Sports Inc. was established back in the 70s by banker Harry Giuditta on the grounds of bankrupted Green Brook Developing Company. Today, Lobster is the major player in the tennis ball machine […]

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Lobster Elite Three

Lobster Elite Three Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Elite Three Tennis Ball Machine is an upgraded Elite Two model. It offers a little bit more functions for a little bit more money. What does “a little bit more” mean and is it worth “a little bit more” money? Check our review. Pros: + Random horizontal (left to […]

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Spinshot Plus 2

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Plus-2 is the top-end model from SpinshotSports. They advertise it as the combination of their successful Player and Plus tennis ball machines. So we decided to look at Spinshot Plus-2 to decide if it is worth the price asked. Here is our review of the Spinshot Plus-2 tennis ball […]

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Spinshot vs Lobster

Spinshot vs. Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Comparison

There are two brands which are synonyms for tennis ball machines. Spinshot Sports and Lobster Sports. Both are well-known in the tennis world and both produce great tennis ball machines of all levels. What are their typical features? Which brand produces better tennis ball machines? We did a small research […]

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Lobster Elite Freedom

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom is the cheapest model from Lobster Sports Inc. With a price well below $1000, Elite Freedom is one of the cheapest tennis ball machines available. We looked at the features embedded in this ball machine to find out if the popularity of the Lobster Elite Freedom […]

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Lobster Elite Two

Lobster Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine is a second model in Elite series made by Lobster Sports. Its price is still slightly below $1500 and offers more functionality than the Lobster Elite One model. Is Lobster Elite Two worth the price? Check our review below. Pros: + Random horizontal (left […]

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Spinshot Logo

Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines Overview

Products from Spinshot-Sports Industries are well-known between tennis ball machine users. Spinshot tennis ball machines belong to the top of this very specific sector for tennis players. CHARACTERISTICS OF SPINSHOT TENNIS BALL MACHINES Spinshot tennis ball machines are easily recognized on every court. They do not catch your eyes with […]

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Spinshot Lite

Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine is one of the cheapest models available. Is this model with just a few functions and a price tag well below $1000  worth considering? Who will enjoy it the most? Check our review below. Pros: + PRICE + Extraordinary long Battery life 5 to 7 […]

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Spinshot Pro 250_290

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine belongs to the lower middle category of ball machines. The price tag is over $1000 and embedded features point to less demanding tennis players. Read our review below to find out what value Spinshot Pro offers. Pros: + Very short recharging time + 12 levels […]

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Lobster Elite One

Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine belongs to cheaper models with a price tag slightly over $1000. What do you get for this money? Can it satisfy also intermediate and advanced players? Read our review below to find out. Pros: + Extraordinary long battery life + Lightweight for easy to […]

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Spinshot Plus 250_250

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Plus is the third most requested tennis ball machine by readers. Spinshot machines are generally very popular with our readers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine? Check our review below. Pros: + 5 different oscillation modes [horizontal, vertical, random, 2 line, […]

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Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine is the bestseller between under $1000 machines. What makes this model from the reputable name of the tennis industry so popular? Why do tennis beginners like the Elite Liberty so much? Here is our answer. Pros: + Price + Lightweight for easy to […]

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