Match Mate (iSAM & PTS) Tennis Ball Machines Overview

Match Mate Tennis was formed by merging assets of two tennis ball machines producers Master Sports and Match Mate. Master Sports Inc. was the producer of SAM tennis ball machines and Match Mate Tennis manufactured Match Mate Rookie and Quickstart tennis ball machines. The merger was arranged and sponsored by Staber Industries. Staber is the family-owned manufacturer of clothes washer and drying machines from Groveport, Ohio.

Staber Industries

Staber Industries Inc.

Match Mate was previously known as premium tennis ball machines brand and Staber Industries would like to bring back the glory of past. The research and development resources of Staber are the key factors in reviving the Match Mate Tennis ability to become one of the leading tennis ball machines producers. Match Mate products can be divided into three lines: Match Mate, iSAM, and Precision Tennis System (PTS).

Match Mate Tennis Ball Machines
Match Mate Rookie
Match Mate QuickStart
iSAM Tennis Ball Machines
iSAM Value
iSAM Extended
iSAM Ultimate
Precision Tennis System (PTS)

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Match Mate Tennis Ball Machines

Match Mate Tennis

The Match Mate product line continues with former Match Mate products. It includes the popular Rookie machine and Match Mate Quickstart tennis ball machine.

Match Mate Rookie

Match Mate Rookie is made for kids and beginners. It is a simple model for repeating the practice of basic shots. This model does not have an oscillation feature. The topspin is added just at the highest speed. It is all justified by the really low price of the machine. Ideal for kids or beginners in need to practice basic flat shots again and again.

Speed Range: 10 mph to 27 mph
Feed Interval: 2 to 7 seconds
Court time: 5 to 7 hours
Ball capacity: 70 balls
Weight: 22 pounds
Material: High-grade aluminium
10 seconds of ball feed delay at the start
Oscillation: NO
Elevation: just manual with inserting elevation spacers
Spin: topspin added at the highest speed (27 mph)
Recharging time: 10 hours (overcharge protection included)


Match Mate Quickstart

Quickstart model is a slight upgrade to the Rookie tennis ball machine. It has a wider speed range and feed interval is increased to 18 seconds maximum. It also adds 4 pounds on weight. The price is still well below $1000.

Speed Range: 15 mph to 30 mph
Feed Interval: 4 to 18 seconds
Court time: 5 to 7 hours
Ball capacity: 70 balls
Weight: 26 pounds
Material: High-grade aluminum
10 seconds ball feed delay at the start
Oscillation: NO
Elevation: just manual with inserting elevation spacers
Spin: topspin added at the highest speed (30 mph)
Recharging time: 10 hours (overcharge protection included)

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iSAM Tennis Ball Machines


Former Master Sports Inc. products are currently manufactured and sold under the iSAM brand. The full product line consists of iSAM Value, iSAM Extend, and iSAM Ultimate

iSAM Value

A large ball feeder with a capacity up to 300 balls, increased speed range and random oscillation are the biggest advantages of iSAM value compared to Match Mate tennis ball machines. The manual elevation is another plus of this cheap model.

Speed Range: 10 mph to 70 mph
Feed Interval: 1.5 to 8 seconds
Court time: 2 to 3 hours
Ball capacity: 300 balls
Weight: 38 pounds
Material: durable injection moulded outer shell
10 seconds of ball feed delay at the start
Oscillation: Random
Elevation: manual, 0 to 45 degrees
Spin: n/a
Recharging time: 14 hours


iSAM Extend

The extended model is an upgrade to iSAM Value. For a slightly higher price, you will get increased court time. Five to seven hours of court time depending on the chosen practice plan.

iSAM Ultimate

The superior iSAM tennis ball model includes all features of iSAM Value and Extend. Additionally, iSAM Ultimate has also remote control and switch between battery and a/c power.

All Match Mate and iSAM models are priced under $1000. That makes them one of the cheapest products on the market.

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Precision Tennis System

Imagine the best tennis ball machine with all the features like horizontal and vertical oscillation, two-line oscillation, variable depth and width of shots, and numerous spin and speed possibilities. That all-plus programmable interface for any set of strokes, match scenarios or just variable depth shots is the Precision Tennis System.

Basically, it is a computerized tennis ball machine. It is sold with a Dell laptop. The notebook is for programming the sequences you need. It has a lot of preloaded drills, but you still have a possibility to add new practice sequences if you need to. Nothing is impossible. Essentially there is no limit to your practice.

You can set up the angles, the repeatings of basic shots, the width, the depth of the shots, feed interval, different speeds, and different spin. Anything you want you can program before your practice session starts on the notebook. The synchronization between the laptop and the machine itself is wireless. You just come to the court and play.

Precision Tennis System is an ideal tennis ball machine for advanced players, professionals or tennis clubs who need the best possible solution for their practice.

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