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Wilson, a leading tennis equipment manufacturer, introduced a brand-new tennis racket: Wilson Shift. What can you expect and what is the price of this new tennis racket? Let us shift to it.

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Wilson Shift

Wilson Shift is available from February 2023 at the Wilson online store in two alternatives, but everybody expects more versions will follow shortly.

At the moment you can choose Wilson Shift 99/300 or Wilson Shift 99/315.

Both versions have a head size of 99 sq. inches, a length of 27 inches and strung balance of 32.5 cm (unstrung 31.5 cm). They differ in racket weight (300 grams and 315 grams unstrung weight) and string pattern (16×20 and 18×20).

Wilson Shift has a very innovative lateral bending profile for better power and spin. It is the product of Wilson Lab studio and was built based on the feedback of players who requested a greater spin with full control of the hit.

The price of $269 is the same as we are used to with new Wilson rackets. If I remember correctly it starts on the same level as Clash v1.0 in February 2019 or Clash v2.0 which was introduced last year.

That means that Wilson Shift is available at a great price and I appreciate that the rising inflation did not mirror in Shift’s price. Wilson Shift is really worth of try. Let us know how you like it.

Check the details of both versions and shop them here.


Wilson Tennis Rackets Portfolio

Essentially, Wilson Shift will fill the gap between Blade, Ultra and Clash. Wilson Shift will be a more performance racket than Clash (read the review of Wilson Clash here), but less strict than Blade or Ultra.







Power and Control and Spin

Power and Spin

Power and Spin

Spin and Control



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