How Wilson Shift shifts my play to a new level

It is almost three years since I play with Wilson Clash. The racket is sufficient for my skill level and I am still very satisfied. However, when I got the chance to test a brand new Wilson Shift tennis racket, I did not hesitate for a second. And here are my thoughts on Wilson Shift after several playing sessions.

Note: I was gifted Wilson Shift tennis racket in exchange for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Wilson Shift was launched in mid-July and is the latest addition to the Wilson product range consisting of Clash, Pro Staff, Ultra, Burn, and Blade. You can explore all Wilson tennis rackets at the Wilson shop here.

Wilson Shift specifications

I played with Wilson Shift 99 V1 with the following specifications:

Head size: 99 sq in
Length: 27 in
String pattern: 16×20
Unstrung weight: 300 grams
String tension: 24 kg (right in the middle of the recommended range)
Embedded technologies: ARC 3D Technology – for maximizing lateral bending without losing torsional stability

There is also Wilson Shift 99 Pro V1 tennis racket available. The difference is in string pattern (Pro has 18×20) and weight (unstrung weight of Pro is 315 grams).

You can shop Wilson Shift online at the Wilson store here.

The first impression

The first hits with a new racket are priceless. I always have some expectations but the feeling when you finally hit the court and play exchanges with a new racket is unique.

The new racket usually comes with the promise: “Now, your play will become instantly better”. It never happens, but the first impression tells you a lot about the racket.

And what was my first impression of Wilson Shift?


My play with Clash was based on control and accuracy. I was trying to push the opponent from side to side with precise shots.

Wilson Shift made me change my game plan. The power you got into your hands is incredible. The intensity of my shots went up a lot immediately. After the first few hits, I knew that Shift shifts my play to a new level.

No more long exchanges, but fast and strong hits pushing the opponent away from the court.

Yes, I like it very much.


The colour of the Wilson racket tells you what type you have. Pro Staff is black, Blade is green, and Burn is orange.

Though, Wilson Shift is a bit different. The racket frame is white, some call it silvery blue, some arctic white. I would say both are correct, as the tone of the racket changes as you turn it.

The details, the small orange “W” on the side, and “I” in the same colour on the other side of the frame are great play of the designer.

I was asked several times in the club about the racket, so I think the design is really attractive and can not be overlooked.

Playing with Wilson Shift: Power and Spin

Unstrung Wilson Shift 99 weighs 300 grams which could raise questions about its ability to generate enough power. After a few hours of playing, I have no doubts about it.

I already mentioned my first impression above and it still lasts.

My shoulder always protested when I played with heavier rackets, so I prefer playing with lighter ones and focusing on control instead of power. Wilson Shift definitely solved this for me.

Three hundred grams are fine for my shoulder and the power embedded in Shift is unimaginable. For me, this is a game-changer.

The other magic word Wilson is using in promoting the Shift is spin. I can just agree that giving a spin to the ball is easy with Shift. I am looking forward to mastering my “slice” in the coming weeks.


The headline of Wilson Shift is “Achieve the ultimate combination of spin and power”. I can sign these words. The amount of power you got in this three hundred grams racket frame is just amazing. It opens new playing options for me and I enjoy every hit on the court with it.

Check the price of Wilson Shift at the Wilson store here.

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