Babolat RPM Blast Tennis Strings Review

Every time I switch to a new racket, I face a crucial question. What strings should I use? My new Wilson Clash 100 came, obviously unstrung, and I had to decide. After counseling at my tennis club store, I picked Babolat RPM Blast tennis strings. Why and what is my experience so far? Read below.

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis Strings Review

Babolat RPM Blast

There are many possibilities with string choice. So I needed to simplify the decision process to one question.

Do I look for more power or control?

The choice of Wilson Clash shows that I, as I am getting older too, changed my game a lot. I am not a big hitter anymore (some friends say I have never been a big hitter).

Now, I prefer more control and accuracy on my shots. The game when I decide where my opponent will run and picking the edges and lines is the game I like the most.

Therefore, I decided to pick the Babolat RPM Blast tennis string.

Babolat RPM Blast is an octagonally shaped co-polyester string that was introduced by the “master of spin and control” Rafael Nadal in 2010.

I let myself be persuaded by the reviews of this string. Everybody praise the control they got with RPM Blast.

What is my experience with Babolat RPM Blast?

I let my racket to string at the tension of 23/24 kg [51/52 lbs].

Check more about different types of strings, tensions, and how to choose the right string for your racket.

There are five different aspects I always evaluate: Comfort, Control, Spin, Power, Durability. Let me briefly discuss each of them.


I am not using a vibration dampener on my racket so I am very sensitive to any discomfort when playing. I feel any excessive vibrations in my arm and do not like them.

A few sessions with Babolat RPM Blast did not cause anything I could fear. The play is very comfortable with no disruptions.

It can be argued that a lot of comfort is coming from a new racket. My Clash is a bit lighter than my previous racket.

I need to observe the comfort aspect a bit longer, but at the moment, I am very satisfied.


The control of the shots was the main reason for picking this tennis string. My expectations were very high.

The reality exceed the expectations. I almost always hit my target.

The accuracy is almost unbelievable. I feel the absolute control of the ball.

I am able to play from side to side without increased effort at all.

Backhand was always my weaker shot, but now I feel it improved a lot. The accuracy of the shots is near to perfect.


I am not using a lot of spin in my game, but from a few attempts, I should give it a try.

It seems pretty simple now, so I will let you know how my “spin” play develops.


Power is not the strong spot of these strings. It isi written everywhere.

However, I do not complain. It is what I expected.

If you are looking for strings to help with the power, you need to pick other string types.


It is pretty soon to give a statement. I played just a few sessions and do not feel any loss of tension yet.

It will definitely come, and I hope it will be later than sooner. Then I will give you an update about the change of playing characteristics if it occurs.


I can just repeat what is written all around the web. Babolat RPM Blast tennis strings are all about the control.

If you are looking for precision and accuracy, then this is your choice number one.

You can buy Babolat RPM Blast at Amazon here

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He currently plays with:
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  1. Would you recommend the Babolat RPM Blast for someone that hits the ball flat on their forehand and backhand?

  2. Hi, how did the strings hold up with this Wilson Clash? After playing for a bit of time, did they lose tension quickly? Would you say it was a good combination? And if so, would you still recommend that tension 23-24kg?

    • I am satisfied, so I did not make any changes and let it restring at the same tension with the same strings.

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