Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener – Do You Need It?

It is the smallest thing you have on your tennis racket, but it can really influence your play on the court. Vibration Dampener. I know players who after losing their dampener during the set, did not win a game. Did it really change their strokes? Or is it just matter of psychology? Small in size, but important in mind? We try to explain everything about Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener.

How does it work?

Tennis racket vibration dampener is placed between two central vertical strings and the lowest horizontal string. (see the picture).

tenis racket vibration dampener

It is made from rubber and it should reduce the vibration of strings. It also makes a nice sound effect and you will definitely hear the difference when hitting a ball with and without a vibration dampener.

And that is all. It will not improve your strokes, it will not save you from tennis elbow.

The best way how to prevent tennis elbow injuries is described in our guide here.

Do I need tennis racket vibration dampener?

It really depends on you. There is no general advice except “try and see”. If you look at professional tennis players, almost everyone uses a vibration dampener. So it makes no difference as it is used by top 10 and also the ones ranked at 136th place in the ranking.

I, personally, know players who are not able to play without a dampener and always have two or three spare ones in their bags. It happens pretty often that you will lose one during the play. On another side, I also know players who do not give a thought to dampener.

The best advice regarding the dampener is: “Go and play with the vibration dampener and without it”. And you will see how you feel during a play.

Where to buy it?

Usually, you will get one with your racket. Of course, when you buy a pre-strung racket. It usually has the same logo as the racket.

When you lose your original tennis racket vibration dampener, you have to buy one. I recommend buying more of them, as you do not want to go shopping every time you lose one.

The good thing about vibration dampeners is, that they are the same regarding the quality. The small piece of rubber has the same features regardless of manufacturer or design.

Therefore the best tennis racket vibration dampener should have the color you like, the brand you like and the price you are willing to pay. I prefer racket vibration dampeners with the same logo as is my racket. And color the same like the strings on my racket, or I try to tune it to the tennis racket frame color. Kids especially like the “smiling” vibration dampener. But the choice is always up to you.

Wilson Pro Feel Tennis Vibration Dampener

Head Djokovic Dampener Head

Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener

BusyBee Vibration Dampener

Pack of 2

Pack of 2

Pack of 2

Pack of 6






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