10 Interesting facts about the ATP Tour 2022 season

ATP 2022 season is over! All 69 ATP tournaments were played and the trophies to winners were awarded. Check out 10 interesting facts about the finished season.

The next season starts in January, here is ATP TOUR 2023 Tournament Schedule

10 Interesting facts about the ATP Tour 2022 season

  • More than 90% of ATP TOP 100 players use rackets from one of the top four brands: Wilson, Head, Babolat, or Yonex.
  • There are just 17 players in the ATP TOP 100 ranking playing with Babolat rackets, though they claimed 35% of tournament titles in 2022 (24 of 69).
  • Wilson has the most players in ATP TOP 100 ranking (circa 30%), but they won just 20% of tournaments in 2022.
  • Just 1 player in the ATP TOP 100 ranking uses an Artengo tennis racket and he won exactly 1 ATP tournament in 2022. Moreover, it was the first tournament played in the season. Guess who it is.
  • Three of four men’s singles at Grand Slam tournaments were won with a Babolat racket.
  • Eight ATP 1000 tournaments were almost equally won by the top three racket brands. Wilson and Babolat won three ATP 1000 tournaments, Head won two ATP 1000 tournaments.
  • 45% of tournaments (31 out of 69) were won by 8 players – check the number of tournament wins by players here.
  • 38 players won at least one ATP tournament in 2022.
  • 22 players won exactly one ATP tournament in 2022.
  • All 3 tournaments played in the UK (London, Eastbourne, Wimbledon) were won with a Head racket.

ATP TOUR 2022 Tournament Schedule with the names of winners and rackets they played with is here

Up-to-date ATP TOP 100 Ranking is here

More about racket brand shares can be found here.

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