Axiom Tennis Backpack Review

Update: I am still using Axiom Tennis Backpack and can not be more satisfied, but Geau Sport developed a new model that follows up on Axiom. It is called Aether Tennis BackPack and it looks a bit better than my Axiom. If you want to check on Aether Tennis Backpack click here, but you can still read my review of Axiom below too.

Nobody goes to the tennis court just with the racket and balls. There are many more things you bring to the court. I usually get bigger stuff like shoes, water bottles, or tennis ball cans, and many smaller items such as vibration dampeners, keys, wallets, or headbands. It is not easy to pack it all, and it is much harder to keep it organized during the travel, before and after the game. Therefore, I like trying new things in this area, and I welcomed the opportunity to try, test, and review the Axiom Tennis Backpack made by Geau Sport.

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Geau Sport

First of all, we need to mention one not so important but most visible thing. Usually, you see tennis bags bearing the names of racket manufacturers. That makes sense as a lot of people would like to be unified visually, and not everyone is o.k. with playing with Yonex Ezone and keeping it in Wilson’s bag like me.

Axiom tennis backpack is manufactured by the Greenville, South Carolina-based family company Geau Sport which focuses solely on producing tennis bags. That makes them unique in the world of tennis as they focus just on one piece of equipment.

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At first sight, the Axiom tennis backpack looks very neat and compact. The sign of Geau Sport on the front of the bag is very subtle and complements the bag’s simple design.

The backpack is all made of black, which is very useful when you are playing on clay.

Size, Features, Material

The bag does not look very big. The capacity of the bag is 18 liters, and its dimensions are 19.5” tall x 13” wide x 7.5” deep (in line with airline carry-on bag restrictions).

However, when you open the bag, you will definitely be surprised by the big internal space. Thanks to its design, it offers many versatile pockets and storage spaces.

It has a big outer pocket for two standard-sized rackets held diagonally so you will not bang your head on the racket grips. I usually bear two rackets with head sizes 100 sq. inches and 98 sq. inches and had no problem packing them in the pocket. The pocket has extra padding and eventually can be used for storing and carrying the notebook.

The main compartment is big enough to store all the bigger things like shoes or t-shirts or ball cans. It also has two internal zipped pockets for smaller things like strings or vibration dampeners. This compartment can be divided by an internal divider that is held on by a velcro strap.

There are two pockets for bottles on the sides of the back which will fit any bottle thanks to expandable elastic straps.

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Another big pocket on the right side is equipped with waterproof material to prevent leakage to the main compartment and a mesh panel for better ventilation of wet shirts or towels. This pocket is also large enough to store your tennis shoes.

If you still need more pockets, there is an extra pocket equipped with crush-resistant padding.  That is the place for sunglasses or anything that deserves extra security.

Another tiny but very useful detail provided by the Axiom backpack is the hook. Normally, it is hidden and is not visible. However, when you come to the clay court and do not want to put your bag on the clay, the hook cashes in, and you can hang the bag on the fence.

Axiom tennis backpack is made from different types of polyester. It acts very durably and solidly.

My opinion

I like the calm and neat look of the Axiom tennis backpack.

The black color is very practical and the design is very subtle. The Geau Sport logo size and place are just right to be noticed by other people on the courts. All in all, everything fits in the bag to look good and nice.

From a practical point of view, I really appreciate the number and size of pockets.

All pockets are equipped with metal zippers which help with organizing the stuff inside. The pockets are very generous and for the first time, I had problems filling all of them.

Check the price of Axiom, Aether, and Stance Tote Tennis Bags here.

The other good thing is that all my stuff stayed organized and did not mess up during the travel.

The internal space is extremely large and can hold onto all things you need to bring to the court. The useful details as a hook or crush-resistant pocket made the bag very user-friendly.

The straps and the backside that will touch your back are well-padded to bring you extra comfort. It adjusts on anybody and is pleasant to wear.

I know that the durability can be evaluated after months or years of usage, but the first impression is excellent. The bag is not heavy but gives me the confidence it will not fall apart or that I will tear it when packing all my stuff into it.

Axiom bag is really precisely built and sewn to make you sure it will hold on for years.

Overall, I am delighted with the bag so far and plan to use it for years.

Update: The Geau Sport brought a new line called Aether and Stance Tennis Tote – check them here.



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