The Geau Sport expands product line

The Geau Sport brand, makers of premium tennis bags, has expanded its product line. Building upon their widely acclaimed Axiom Tennis Backpack [read our review here] and Axiom 9-Pack Racquet Bag from 2021, the brand has recently launched the Stance Tennis Tote, Aether 3-Pack Racquet Bag, and Aether Tennis Backpack – each available in two color options.

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Let us present the new bags in the words of Chris Pageau, founder of Geau Sport.

“For decades, tennis bags have remained unchanged. Tired designs, un-evolved function, and an oversized tennis racket brand logo for some flair are the usual suspects,” says Chris Pageau. “I saw an opportunity to change that and make the bag a coveted piece of gear. That is the foundation of Geau Sport. With  these new product launches, a wider array of tennis players can help realize that vision with us”

Stance Tennis Tote

Stance Tote

“With the women’s tennis tote, it became very clear to me that the big problems to solve were 1) the desire for better organization – more pockets & compartments 2) preventing the tote from slouching or falling over when setting it down 3) the desire for a more modern and subtle aesthetic.

The Stance Tennis Tote delivers a design that solves those problems better than any other tennis tote in the market.”

Check the Stance Tennis Tote price on Amazon here.

Aether 3-Pack Racquet Bag, and Aether Tennis Backpack

Aether 3-Pack

Aether Backpack

“The new Aether line of tennis bags is designed for superior management of sweaty apparel and towels with its uniquely large exterior mesh panel and waterproof fabric between the interior and exterior of the bag”

Check Aether’s price on Amazon here.

Additional tennis bag launches are planned for the summer and fall of ’22.

You can buy all Geau Sports bags here [Amazon].

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