Tennis Tutor Plus/Plus Player Ball Machine Review

Tennis Tutor Plus and Plus Player tennis ball machines are the top portable battery-powered models made by Sports Tutor. These two models differ substantially in price and also in functionality. What are the differences and which is more suitable for you? Check our review below.

+ Three preprogrammed drills [Plus Player]
+ Ball capacity

+ Two-line oscillator, random horizontal oscillator
+ Various topspin and backspin levels

+ Electric Elevation
+ Court Time up to 6 hours
– Weight and Maneuverability
– Remote control for an additional fee



Technical Specifications
Available Drills
Remote Control
Battery life & recharging
Pricing & Our Verdict

or check our guide to all essential functions and parameters the best tennis ball machines should have.

Technical Specifications:

Ball Speed: 10 to 85 mph
Programmable Drills: three preprogrammed drills for Plus Player model
Ball Feed Interval: 1.5 seconds to 12 seconds
Ball Capacity: 150 balls

Phone Compatibility: No

Battery life: 4 – 6 hours
Battery charging: 12 hours for a fully charged battery

Weight: 46 lbs (21 kg)
Dimensions: Height: 20 in (51 cm) Length: 19.5 in (50 cm) Width: 20 in (51 cm) [with hopper closed]


Tennis Tutor Plus ball machine includes all you can find in lower models from Sports Tutor as ProLite or Wilson Portable. Additionally, there are new features you will not find in cheaper models.

The main features are built-in oscillator that has random horizontal oscillation and two-line oscillation (near and wide). Tennis Tutor Plus also includes topspin and backspin (underpin) feature, that is easily set up on control panel. The Plus Player model adds something extra, the preprogrammed mode that simulates match conditions (see Available Drills chapter below for more details).

Other features offered by Tennis Tutor Plus and Plus Player are electrical elevation, the maximum speed of 85 mph, and feed interval in the range of 1.5 to 12 seconds.

The 150 balls capacity is on the higher end of the machines in this category. The downside is the weight of 46 pounds that includes 12 pounds heavy battery. However, the heavy battery provides an extraordinary long court time of 6 hours.

Available Drills

Tennis Tutor Plus Player ball machine is the first machine from Sports Tutor that has preprogrammed drills. The Player in the name points to the simulating match conditions with a real opponent on the other side of the court. There are three preprogrammed drills called beginner, intermediate, advanced. Each drill has preprogrammed appropriate speed, spin, side to side oscillation and alternative depth of shots. That all together gives you a simulation of a real tennis game for every player level.

The use of the player mode is straightforward and intuitive. You just pick the level of play (beginner pr intermediate or advanced), and the machine will do the rest.

Check portable tennis ball machines with most preprogrammed drills and possibility to set up your own drills here.

Remote control

Tennis Tutor Plus Player remote control

Tennis Tutor Plus (and Plus Player) has a start-up time delay installed. Additionally, you can buy the two-button remote control [Plus and Plus Player models] or multifunction remote control [Plus Player model] for an additional fee. The fee will increase the price of your machine by approximately 13 percent [Plus] or 20 percent [Plus Player].

The two-button remote control gives you the chance to start and stop ball delivery, and also control over side-to-side ball throws. The multifunctional remote control is a copy of a machine control panel itself. You can control all features of the Tennis Tutor Plus Player, and that is very convenient.

Battery life & recharging

Tennis Tutor Plus (and Plus Player) court time is exceptionally long. 4 to 6 hours (depending on the way of use) is one of the best numbers we can see in the category of portable battery-powered tennis ball machines. The toll of such a battery is its weight (12 lbs). That causes harder maneuverability of the machine. The ball machine has a low battery charge indicator that gives you a signal half an hour before it is empty. That is a pretty fancy feature we like.

The charger that comes in the package has smart overcharge protection, and the typical time of recharging is 12 hours.

There is a possibility to avoid moving the tennis ball machine with a massive battery for charging. You can buy an additional external battery pack, that is disposable from the machine. Then you will take just the external battery pack for charging with you. Alternatively, the Tennis Tutor Plus (and Plus Player) can be bought with A/C power instead of a battery.

Tennis Tutor Plus/Plus Player Pricing & Our Verdict

There are two main differences between Tennis Tutor Plus and Tennis Tutor Plus Player. One is the price and the second is available drills. Player mode in the Plus Player model is a big step ahead for any intermediate and advanced player. Simulation of match conditions is an exciting part of every practice. And that is the reason we like the Plus Player model more. However, if you are looking for a cost-wise solution, and the main task is to practice the shots and swings, go for the Plus model.


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