It is exactly twelve months since I bought new clay tennis shoes. I definitely need them, as my old model tear apart after extensive usage for almost three years. Clay is a pretty demanding surface for tennis. You need to be able to slide but not slip on clay. You need a solid base for runs to the net and to sides. Clay tennis shoes are the most strained tennis shoes. Therefore the selection process for them was really extensive. I looked for shoes with a reasonable price to quality ratio and I still hope they will hold on for a few years. In the end I choose ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 5 Clay Tennis Shoes and here is my report about the first year of playing tennis with them.

ASICS Tennis Shoes Men’s Gel-Game® 5 – Review Report


I bought my Asics clay tennis shoes for $75, which is not bad. Clay tennis shoe prices start $55, but top-end models can cost as much as $120. Currently, the same model with some design and features starts at $59.95 as Asics introduces new, enhanced models every season. However, as I was not willing to spend a lot of money on shoes, I was pretty fine with $75 I paid.

Outsole and Grip

The outsole of my Asics Gel-Game 5 is of solid rubber. I did not find any damage to it after a year of use. You can check the enclosed photo (and I apologize for the quality) and see that they were really extensively used on clay but there is no harm on the outsole.My Asics tennis shoe rubber outsole after 12 months of playing on clay

The grip is probably the most important part of clay tennis shoes. It should keep you on your feet during the game, even during slides. It should provide a solid base when hitting the ball. And, nevertheless, it should release the clay from the outsole. It looks very professional, but I am telling you that to smash your outsoles with rackets after every play is pretty tiring.

After more than 100 hours on clay courts in my Asics Gel-Game, I can not complain. The grip does its work and I did not slip during last year on clay. It also releases the clay very easily, so there was no need to smash over the outsole very often.

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DesignMy Asics tennis shoe Gel-Game 5 for clay

Blue is my favorite color, so the choice was easy for me. The orange laces show good contrast to the dark blue of the shoe. You see it in the pictures and I can confirm. They look good and you feel like a professional tennis player who knows what is hot now.


My asics tennis shoes after 12 months playing on clay

My clay tennis is full of slides which give extra pressure on the forefront of the shoe. I was looking for some loose thread or any imperfection on the forefront of the Asics shoes but did not find any. Till now, they are solid and keep together as brand new. I hope it will last for another four or five years at least and I do not have any reason to doubt it.

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I am absolutely satisfied with my Asics Gel-Game 5 shoes. I got solid and reliable clay tennis shoes for a reasonable price. Compared to top-end models from Nike and Adidas I think I bought my Asics shoes pretty cheaply. After one year I did not find any reason why I should think about the change. Currently, it looks that my current shoes are going to last with me forever. Looking at the results I got on clay last year I am satisfied. Shoes are not the main factor, but I can say they kept me in a play lot of time – no slips, fine slides.

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