Custom Tennis Racket Stencil

You probably noticed that all tennis professionals have a logo on their racket strings. It is the promotion that players easily give in exchange for sponsoring. Though, not just tennis pros but every player can have the logo on tennis strings as well. Just say a word to your stringer, and he will happily add it  (probably for some extra dollar).

Custom Tennis Racket Stencil

But what if you are bored with presenting the company that sold you racket and want to go the extra mile and be original? Is it possible?

Yes, it is. And it is easier than you thought.

There are just three necessary things: time, tennis stencil ink, and a good idea for a stencil.

Tennis Stencil Ink is sold in all tennis shops or here at Amazon. It is highly recommended to use special “tennis” ink for strings. Other inks could damage strings or will not cover or will fade out quickly.

After you have tennis stencil ink, the time for creating the stencil outline comes.

Here are two customized tennis racket stencils made by me:

*click on the image and download the pdf you can print, cut, and use as a stencil on your tennis racket

If you want to make something else, feel free to use the ready stencil outline I made with Google Draw here – click and make the copy of the file and insert any logo, sign, WordArt, or anything you want. The dimensions (16 x 21 cm) and small arrows to show where to center the outline will stay.

The stencil should be printed on as hard as possible paper. It would be ideal to print on plastic, but I am aware that almost nobody has a printer that can do such things at home.

I printed stencil on the paper, and it was good enough. Then just cut out the logo or sign, and you are good to go.

Stenciling is easy

The process of coloring the strings is straightforward. Check this video or follow the written instructions below.

  • prepare the flat and clean space (put some paper below the racquet as the ink will drip during the stenciling)
  • place the stencil on the strings and center it with the help of small arrows on the stencil
  • apply the ink on all blank strings you see in the stencil
  • after applying the ink on one side, wait a few minutes to let the ink dry before you turn the racket and start applying ink on the other side
  • turn the racket and repeat the process above for applying ink on the other side of the racket
  • let the ink dry a few minutes before play

And that is all. Easy, isn’t it?

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  1. I am at a complete loss to find the answer to something. The sixties and seventies had many pros using a stencil – VS- on their strings. I have been looking evrywhere for it but cannot get one anywhere. I believe that the VS paid homage to the Victor Imperial strings of that time. I really would like to get this template V but could not get the S quite right. Can you help.

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