Foam Rolling for Tennis Players

Tennis players can incorporate a massage foam roller into their training and recovery routine in several ways. For the record: TennisProGuru is reader-supported. When you […]

Playing on the net

You do not see many tennis pro players using aggressive moves to the net in singles. Instead, there are plenty of hits from baseline with […]

Custom Tennis Racket Stencil

You probably noticed that all tennis professionals have a logo on their racket strings. It is the promotion that players easily give in exchange for […]

Tennis Racket Grip Size Chart

You finally read relevant tennis racket reviews and choose the best tennis racket for you. Now you know the brand, type, head size, length and […]

Tennis Fans

How to Behave During Tennis Match

Tennis has always been known as sports of gentlemen. White shorts and shirts and decent behavior of players and fans were the sign of tennis. […]

Tennis Win

How to Make Comeback in Tennis Match

Every tennis player knows it. You lost first set and your outlook does not look good. You are constantly making unforced mistakes or your opponent […]



There is no simple answer to “How to win a tennis match?” question. I played a lot of tennis matches and I watched even more […]