Matched Pair of Tennis Rackets – What does it mean?

“Buying a matched pair of tennis rackets,” does it make sense? And what does it mean? Those are questions I hear a lot. My quick answer is: yes, it makes sense. For reasoning and explanation, please read my detailed answer below.

First of all, it is essential to know who is offering the racket in pairs. Is it the tennis racket manufacturer or is it the shop?

Matched Pair

Matched Pair of Tennis Rackets or not?

Tennis Shops: Buy a Pair of Tennis Rackets and Save!

Shops are selling a pair of rackets in one package when they need to empty their stocks. Offered rackets are most often models from the past season, and the reason is that shops need to make space for new racket releases. The price is usually attractive and includes some savings for the customer.

You will not read a “matched” pair of rackets in such an offering. The rackets are the same models, with the same features but not matched. You will find an explanation of what “matched pair” means below.

Accepting the deal gives you a few options. You can have two rackets of the same model with the same string tension. That makes any changes in case of broken strings very easy. The transition would be smooth and unnoticed. Or you can have two frames with different string tension to be able to react on different match conditions as different balls or court speed. The last option is to cash in price savings and sell one of the rackets for face value.

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Matched Pair of Tennis Rackets from Manufacturers for Advanced players

Tennis racket manufacturers sell rackets for advanced players in a pack of 2 (or more for professional players). The pack is called “matched pair of tennis rackets”. “Matched pair” means that sold pairs are almost similar with just a slight difference in weight (usually less than 2 grams).

The reason is that advanced players do not like when rackets (the identical models) differ too much. Manufacturers, therefore, guarantee that sold pairs are almost similar (matched) with just a slight difference in weight. The price of the package is double the price of a single racket. Therefore, there is no additional saving included for the customer. The main advantage is the highest possible similarity of two rackets, not pricing.

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When I talk about rackets for advanced players, I mean frames with smaller head sizes (95 – 98 and bigger weight (315 grams and more). Wilson rackets with Pro after the model name, or Babolat Pure Drive VS.

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