How to Make Comeback in Tennis Match

Every tennis player knows it. You lost first set and your outlook does not look good. You are constantly making unforced mistakes or your opponent outplays you in longer exchanges. What should you do in such moments? How to make a comeback in tennis?

Tennis is not just about your ability to perfectly hit the ball. All top players have perfect forehands, backhands, and volleys. Then what makes a difference? Mind. Yes, it is that simple. Or better said, it sounds simple. It is more complicated with your mental state and attitude. However, your approach to a situation can make a big difference in everything. And it can also help you to make a comeback in a tennis match you are losing.

4 Advises on How to Make Comeback in a Tennis Match

Advice #1 – Forget the score

First of all, you need to know one good thing about the tennis match. It is not like a football or basketball with a given time for a match. In tennis, you still have a chance till the matchpoint is won. There are a number of examples, even at the top level tournaments, of players who faced several match points and winning the match at the end. Even if you are losing 0:6 0:5 0:40, you still have a chance.

The first and basic advice is “forget the score”. It does not matter if you lost first set 0:6 or 5:7. You already lost it and there is no chance to change it. You can change just things which are open. The first set is already closed, but the second set is still available. The score is not important till the last point and ball are played.

Advice #2 – Focus on the actual point

My second advice is closely connected to my first advice. You have to focus just on the actual ball and point. The actual exchange is the place for you where you can gain something and turn the match around. Think just about the present moment, the present serve, forehand or backhand. Watch the ball and hit. Only one thing is really important. You need to put the ball over the net into the court. It does not matter how you do it but is your only task at the moment.

When the actual exchange is over, move on. Forget it and focus on the following point. You need to win one point, then again one point and so on. Do not think about the overall score. Just one point is all that counts at the moment.

Advice #3 – Relax and enjoy

Everybody makes mistakes, forced or unforced. However, the best tennis players just do not meditate around every error they made. You need to move on.

I always say to myself (sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly) “Enjoy the game and relax”. You have to play every point, not because of win or prize money, but because you like the tennis itself. You need to enjoy every hit and every moment on the tennis court.

If you are relaxed, you will play much better. Every coach at every practice tells you not to be stiff when playing tennis. And that’s it. You need to relax and enjoy the game you are playing.

Advice #4 – Try something differently

Fourth advice is about the playing style. You already followed the first three bits of advice, so you are mentally prepared to dig out of the hole and make the comeback. Now you need to react to the opponent play.

You need to surprise him a little bit, you need to change the flow and rhythm. If he outplays you in long baseline exchanges then just try something else. Try “serve and volley” tactic, or start to play stop balls. It is just up to you, what you choose, but you need to find his weak spot to make things harder for him.

And that is all. I can not promise you turning around all matches you are losing, but these four advises give you a much better chance for a comeback.


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  1. I fully agree with all the above. But in practice, it is often so difficult to get out of your mind and just play as you know. We would all be much better players without our brains I guess.

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