How to Behave During Tennis Match

Tennis has always been known as sports of gentlemen. White shorts and shirts and decent behavior of players and fans were the sign of tennis. A lot of things changed in the past years and tennis changed too, but there are still some good habits preserved during tennis matches. This article is for the first-time visitors of tennis matches at tournaments to let them know what is allowed and appropriate and what is not.

Dress code

There is no strict dress code applied on tennis fans during tournaments. You can dress whatever you like. Less formal is probably more suitable as you will meet a lot of people in a sporting dress. Shorts and shirts are absolutely fine in most of the tournaments around the world. I, personally recommend sunblock cream, cap, and sunglasses when going to matches played outdoor.

The Wimbledon is probably only exception requiring formal dress for the final weekend. Also if you are invited to VIP lounge of any tournament you should read carefully if they apply also some kind of formal dress code. Otherwise, you can go through the same experience Lewis Hamilton had in Wimbledon back in 2015.

Use of mobiles and cameras

The concentration and focus on the played point is the key to winning the tennis match. There a lot of good players on ATP and WTA tour, but just the best of them are able to focus all the time. Therefore, the quiet atmosphere during exchanges is a must during tennis matches. Everybody knows the “quiet please” words from the umpire referee asking the fans to let players focus on coming play.

Except for the obvious quietness, you should avoid also any possible disturbing movements, flash on cameras or ringing of mobile phones. It is strongly recommended to put your phones to silent mode before the match starts. The silent mode should include also vibration off.

I can understand fans taking pictures of the tennis match they visit. However, you should take pictures in between the play and you should avoid using the flash. Otherwise, you can disturb players and disrupt their focus. The flash can even blind them for a while during a play.

Rooting for your player

It is obvious that fans want to express their sympathy for a player they like. However, tennis is not a soccer or basketball game. The rooting for your player is expressed by applause in between the points. Rarely, you can hear a shouts to support for your player.

Rooting at a tennis match is very distinguished and reserved. You need to show the class and enjoy the score just innerly. There is no need to show your emotions very openly. Be calm and distinguished that is all the tennis players need.

Probably the only exemption is the Davis Cup. The team competitions are different and the necessity to show up for your national colors prevail. The atmosphere is quite different as you can see in the video below.

One single advice at the end

If I could give you just one advice on how fans should behave during a tennis match, I would say this one. Behave in the same way as you would like people should behave during your tennis match.

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