A Guide To The Best Tennis Overgrips for Every Player

You will hardly find a tennis player in the world who is playing with a bare handle of a tennis racket. And there are just a few players who are satisfied with base grip. Tennis Overgrip is the second cheapest thing you will need as a tennis player. However, its advantages are far beyond its price. Below I will give you a few reasons why to use overgrips on tennis rackets handle and what types of overgrips are available. I hope, this article helps you to choose the best tennis overgrips suitable to your needs.

Note: The cheapest thing on your tennis racket is the Vibration Dampener. Check our article about Vibration Dampeners and if you really need them.

Advantages of Tennis Overgrips

There are four basic reasons for using tennis racket overgrips.


Just try to hold your racket without overgrip for a minute or try to play a game or two with basic grip. You will see how uncomfortable it is. And believe me, you will count the blisters on your palm and fingers after the game. Overgrip is from soft and pleasant to touch material. It gives you much better feel and will protect you from blisters.

Protecting the original grip

The original tennis grip is rough and attached to the handle with staples. Replacing it with a new one is time-consuming and you can hardly do it on your own at home. Therefore, use of tennis overgrip will protect the original grip.

Sweat absorption

Everybody sweats during a tennis game. Sliding racket in your sweaty hands is not a good way to win. Overgrip will absorb the sweat and increase the comfort we mentioned above.

Better Grip

Tennis Overgrip gives you a better adhesiveness and grip to the handle. You will gain extra stability in holding the tennis racket.

Richard Gasquet – Master of Overgrip Replacement

Richard Gasquet (ATP Ranking career-high no. 7) is famously known for his frequent overgrip changes during match breaks. Watch what he says about the grip replacement.

You probably noticed that he is able to replace his overgrip in 8 seconds. You will need a lot of practice to beat this time. Secondly, he puts overgrip just on the half of the handle (it saves a good 5 seconds) where he holds the racket with hand.

Types of Tennis Overgrips

Right now you already know that to have tennis overgrip is a good thing. However, to pick the best tennis overgrips for you depends on what you really need and expect from them. Here is the list of different types of tennis overgrips available in shops.

Tacky Overgrip

The name says it all. Tacky Tennis Overgrip will “stick” your hand to the racket handle. It will improve the stability of the racket in your hand. Tacky overgrip is very durable and will last longer. So you will save time and money by investing in the tacky tennis overgrip.

Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort


Tourna Tac 10 Pack Tacky Feel Tennis Grip


Absorbent Overgrip

Absorbent Overgrips are probably the ones used by Mr. Gasquet. They are very good at absorbing the sweat from your palms. However, they are thinner and not so durable than other overgrips.

Gamma Supreme Power Overgrip


Textured Overgrip

Textured Overgrips have little groves for better grip. They are usually thicker for extra comfort during playing. They are more durable than Absorbent Overgrips but less durable then Tacky Overgrips.

Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Ultra Cushion Replacement Grips


Best Tennis Overgrips for Every Type of Player 

I would recommend the Texture Overgrip for an average recreational tennis player. If you are sweating a lot than Absorbent Overgrip would be your choice. Tacky Overgrips are for tennis players who would like to improve the stability of their grip.

3 Best Tennis Overgrips picked by TennisProGuru

Head Super Comp Overgrip

Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Over Grip

Yonex Super Grab Overgrip




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