Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Plus is the third most requested tennis ball machine by TennisProGuru.com readers. Spinshot machines are generally very popular with our readers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine? Check our review below.

+ 5 different oscillation modes [horizontal, vertical, random, 2 line, combination]

+ 18 levels of spin offered
+ Possibility to set 5 different parameters [oscillation, speed, feed interval, spin, height]
+ App for Android phone and iPhone remote control for free
+ Stable metal construction but still easy to manoeuvre

– Speed control in steps not in exact numbers
– Ball capacity (120 balls)
– 8 to 15 hours recharging interval
– No preprogrammed drills available
– No programming features

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Technical Specifications
Available Drills
Remote Control
Battery life and recharging
Pricing & Our Verdict

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Technical Specifications:

Ball Feed Speed: 30 to 110 kmph [18 to 68 mph]
Ball Feed Interval: 2 seconds to 10 seconds
Ball Capacity: 120 balls
Programmable Drills: No

Phone Compatibility: Android or iPhone, connection via Wi-Fi

Battery life: 2 – 3 hours (depending on the chosen drill, higher speed and faster feed rate need more power and dry batter sooner)
Battery charging: 8 to 15 hours for a fully charged battery

Weight: 19 kg [42 lbs]for the AC model, 21 kg [46 lbs]for the battery model
Dimensions: Height: 50 cm [21 in] Length: 50 cm [21 in] Width: 35 cm [14 in]
Case Construction: Powder-coated metal


Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine belongs to the lower-middle range in terms of pricing and offered features.

You can set five different parameters to alternate practice. The speed, spin, height, feeding interval, and oscillation.

Speed can be set in intervals 18 to 68 mph. You can find the machines with a wider interval, but I think that this range is absolutely o.k. for any intermediate and even advanced tennis player.

You have the possibility to choose between flat shots and nine degrees of topspins and backspins. That gives a pretty impressive range of 20 different types of shots.

Height can be adjusted electronically from 0 to 50 degrees and feeding interval can be set in a range of 2 to 10 seconds. Both parameters are the golden standard of the industry.

Spinshot Plus has five different oscillation modes. You can choose between:

  • random horizontal oscillation (balls shoot to random horizontal locations)
  • 2-line horizontal oscillation (balls shoot to two preset horizontal locations)
  • vertical oscillation (balls shoot at two different preset heights)
  • random horizontal and vertical oscillation  (balls shoot to random horizontal locations and vertical heights)
  • 2-line horizontal and vertical oscillation (balls shoot to two preset horizontal locations at two different heights)

You can set the speed, spin and feed interval in combination with one of the oscillation modes, or you can switch off oscillation.

The feeder ball capacity of Spinshot Plus is not the largest on the market, but those who already tried to play 120 balls in a second interval know it is enough.

Available Drills

There are no preprogrammed drills available. The Spinshot Plus does not have the programmable feature embedded. You can not program a sequence of different shots with the exception of horizontal and vertical oscillation. However, even oscillation is limited to five different possibilities.

Looking for tennis ball machines with programmed drills? Check our Spinshot Player tennis ball machine review – the most preferred ball machine by our readers.

Remote control

Spinshot Plus offers a phone remote connection or Watch remote control which is a big plus in this category. The easy-to-use phone application for Android or iPhone lets you use the Spinshot Plus machine alone, without the help of the coach.

The machine has also 10 10-second lag after pressing the play button on your app. That is enough time to put your phone into the pocket and prepare for a first shot. Big thumbs up for this small but very useful feature.

Another addition is a remote watch, the one-button bracelet that is available in 2020. You can start/stop the machine by pressing the button and also choose the drill with several short clicks on the button. The remote watch is available for an additional fee.

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Battery life & recharging

Life on the court range from 2 to 3 hours depending on the usage. The more speed and shortest feeding interval you use, the sooner the battery dries out.

Recharging time is from 8 to 15 hours and the battery has overcharge protection. Overcharge protection is not a standard in this pricing category.

The battery life and recharging time are pretty much market standard. You can find machines with longer battery life (and of course shorter recharging periods), but I still think that 2 hours for one tennis practice session is just enough.


Spinshot tennis ball machine boxes are made out of powder-coated metal. It is the signature of the Spinshot Sports brand and Spinshot Plus is not an exception.

The metal box is solid and stable. It can resist the hits and scratches and it is almost impossible to make any damage to its case. Of course, the metal adds a little bit to the weight of the entire tennis ball machine, but it is still possible to manipulate it easily.

The weight is circa 46 lbs for the battery model (and 42 lbs for the A/C model). The handy handle and wheels ease the moving around the court for juniors and girls.

The box dimensions are in line with back-seat transport in an average sedan. Maybe, lifting or overcoming the stairs can be an issue for ladies.

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Spinshot Plus Pricing & Our Verdict

Spinshot Plus tennis ball machine price is in the market middle range. It offers a lot of features (phone remote control, five oscillation modes and 18 spin levels) that other machines in this category usually do not have.

It lacks the programmed drills with different shots in one sequence and it makes it harder to simulate match conditions. If you are more advanced and want to practice a simulated shot sequence,  I would consider the Spinshot Player with preprogrammed drills.

However, I would recommend this machine to intermediate players who want to practice their swings and do not need to simulate match situations too often. Then 5 oscillation modes will satisfy their needs and you will get a good value in Spinshot Plus for the price paid.


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