Slinger Bag

Slinger Bag Tennis Ball Machine Review

It seems that we are close to the price revolution in the tennis ball machines industry. Slinger Bag Ltd. planned to start the sale of its Slinger Bag portable tennis machine – Slingshot T-One Launcher in the summer of 2019, with a price tag below $500. In the end, they […]

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Tennis Cube Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis Cube is one of the lightest tennis ball machines for beginners and intermediate players. Its price looks promising and offers many exciting features. Go below for our review of the Tennis Cube tennis ball machine. Pros: + price + design + low weight for easy transport + for beginners […]

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Tennis Twist Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor is one of the big tennis ball machines manufacturers (others are Spinshot and Lobster). Tennis Twist is the Sports Tutor entry model for kids and adult beginners. Its price is matchless and the lowest for battery-operated tennis ball machines. What features does Tennis Twist offer for its price? […]

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Lobster Elite Freedom

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Sports Elite Freedom is the cheapest model from Lobster Sports Inc. With a price well below $1000, Elite Freedom is one of the cheapest tennis ball machines available. We looked at the features embedded in this ball machine to find out if the popularity of the Lobster Elite Freedom […]

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Spinshot Lite

Spinshot Lite Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot Lite tennis ball machine is one of the cheapest models available. Is this model with just a few functions and a price tag well below $1000  worth considering? Who will enjoy it the most? Check our review below. Pros: + PRICE + Extraordinary long Battery life 5 to 7 […]

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Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine is the bestseller between under $1000 machines. What makes this model from the reputable name of the tennis industry so popular? Why do tennis beginners like the Elite Liberty so much? Here is our answer. Pros: + Price + Lightweight for easy to […]

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