Tennis Umpire Chairs & Courtside Benches

Two things put your tennis court to the higher category. Tennis umpire chairs and courtside benches are all you need to make your court better.

Tennis courtside benches are welcome equipment for all courts. They serve as places where you let your bag and water bottle during your play. And they also give players a pleasant space for needed rest between the games.

Tennis umpire chair adds another level to your club. It is necessary equipment if you organize matches with officiating. Tennis umpire official needs to be positioned above the level of the court for a better overview.

There is no mention of umpire chairs and courtside benches in ITF tennis official rules (feel free to prove me wrong). It is up to organizers where exactly they place them, but they should follow some of the best practices. Umpire chairs should be high enough to give an umpire official good overview over the court. Umpire chair and courtside benches should be placed in distance from playing area to give players enough space for runs outside during the exchanges.

Tennis Courtside Benches

Any chair or bench will do its service on the tennis court. However, it is always better to have designed and “for tennis courts” dedicated items. There are plenty of choices on the market, from simple chairs to double chairs, benches without back, benches from aluminum, or wood. Check our choice of the best tennis courtside benches below:

Tourna Courtside Bench

+ 5 feet courtside bench
+ For two players
+ curved edges and reclined back for comfort
+ Very stable (wide legs and support bars in the middle)

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Vermont Tennis Court Bench

+ made from aluminium
+ Anti-slip rubber feet for better grip and no marking
+ For 2 or 3 players
+ Lightweight
+ price

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Vermont Aluminum Tennis Court Chairs

+ produced in three alternatives: Single Chair, 2 Chairs + Table + Storage Can, 2 Chairs + Table + Storage Can + Canopy
+ made from aluminium
+ weatherproof
+ Non-slip rubber feet for better grip and no marking
+ UV-treated coating

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Tennis Umpire Chairs

Tennis umpire chairs are made either from wood or aluminium (aluminium umpire chairs tend to be more expensive). They are from 6 to 7 feet tall, with the seat at around 5 feet level. The steps are usually with some kind of anti-slippery protection. The seat should be equipped with a desk or tray for better use.

Vermont Aluminum Tennis Umpires Chair

+ made from aluminum for durability
+ comfortable seat (soft from HDPE) with pivot tray
+ 7 ft tall
+ durable, weatherproof, rust-resistant
+ for indoor and outdoor clubs

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Vermont Traditional Tennis Umpires Chair

+ made from wood
+ anti-slip steps
+ seat with wooden desk
+ 6 ft 4 in tall (seat at 5 ft)
+ for indoor and outdoor clubs

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