Tennis Court Windscreens Guide

Every tennis fans know windscreens – the large sheets of textile covering the fence on tennis courts. What looks like a convenient place for all names of sponsors has more functions than you would think. Tennis court windscreens are essential for keeping players focused and satisfied. Let’s find out more about this standard element of tennis courts.

Tennis Court Windscreen

Tennis Court Windscreen Functions

Windscreens have three essential functions in tennis. The first function is contained “windscreen.” They reduce the wind that could impact the game. The second function is providing shade on the court during sunny days. And last but not least, tennis court windscreens decrease visual distraction for players and help them to focus solely on the play.

Tennis court windscreens are ideal for keeping barriers between the courts in tennis clubs or between court and surroundings. That increases the privacy of the courts that helps beginners in learning and advanced players in keeping they practice tricks secret.

Moreover, the tennis courts’ windscreens fulfill the role of an ideal place for the names of sponsors of tournaments or clubs. They ensure great visibility for visitors or passers-by for full satisfaction of donors.

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The windscreens are manufactured from different types of propylene or polyethylene. The most common is HDPE (high-density polyethylene). The density of material impacts the visual and shade protection of the windscreen.

The HDPE windscreens also offer UV protection. They are very durable and dirt resistant.


Tennis Court Windscreens are available in many sizes. Depending on the way of use and height of the fence, you will pick the most suitable one. The typical size of the windscreen is usually with 6 ft (180 cm) height. The length is between 40 ft (12 m) and 60 ft (18 m). You need to decide if you will use windscreen just on shorter sides of the court or around all court. Also, you can use two shorter sheets for one side. The options are almost infinite.

Best Tennis Court Windscreens

Vermont Tennis Court WindscreensTANG Windscreen Tennis CourtColourTree Customized Size Privacy Screen
Made from Knitted HDPE monofilament or Woven HDPE tape
Available in two sizes [40ft x 6ft or 60ft x 6ft]
Available in two styles [50% or 90% shade/visibility protection]
Available in two colors [black or green]
With brass eyelets for easy fence attachment
Weatherproof with UV protection
Made from PURE polyethylene
Available in 4 different heights [4, 5, 6, 8 ft]
Available in different lengths [1 to 300 ft]
90% UV Protection
85% Visibility blockage
Brown color
Rustproof Copper/Brass Grommets placed evenly
Made from HDPE material
Height 5'9" [for 6ft fence]
Available in different lengths [1 to 200 ft]
Available in 6 different colors
90% Visibility blockage
UV Protection
Extended durability
Stainless Grommets and Reinforced Binding
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