Tennis Caps or Tennis Sunglasses?

Summer is the time of the year when all tennis players go out of tennis halls. They enjoy the movement outside on fresh air comparing to air-conditioned indoor courts. However, outside courts also have some drawbacks. Wind and sun are the usual cause of many mishits when you play outside after months spent indoors. The wind can be solved partially by windscreens installed on courts. The sun has two possible solutions: wearing a cap or tennis sunglasses.

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Tennis Caps rule the Tennis World.

If you look around tennis courts at your local club or watch professionals on tv, the winner is clear. Maybe one or two professionals are wearing the glasses (Janko Tipsarevic, the second most popular Serb tennis player). The majority of the players are wearing tennis caps.

A good tennis cap should be light and made from breathable material. Caps have air ventilation to cool your head. The good cap also either lets the sweat go away or absorb it by sweatband. That is very useful as it stops the sweat from going down into your eyes. The best tennis cap combines both systems. And, of course, the cap blocks the sun with the shield.

The sizing should not be a significant problem as most of the caps come with hook and loop closure to adjust the fit. Therefore, choosing the right hat is more of a design thing than a question of functionality. There are plenty of tennis caps available. Every tennis brand manufactures them, and it is just up to you what design you prefer.

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Tennis Glasses: A viable alternative

In case you have more sensitive eyes, the cap will not be enough. You will need to protect the eyes more to feel comfortable on the court.

Fortunately, you do not need to protect your eyes against the injury. The tennis game is slower comparing to squash, racquetball, or pickleball. You can not be hit by an opponent racquet, and hits by a ball into the head are also seldom in singles matches. The doubles are different when you are standing close to the net. However, the threat of eye injury caused by the ball is shallow.

That left us with two reasons for wearing glasses for tennis. Either you are wearing prescription glasses, or you want to protect against the sun. In both cases, you should take care of a few things to feel comfortable.

Tennis Glasses Must-Have Features

The glasses should fit on your face and should not slide on your nose or fall during your movement. That means the temples have to be well adjusted to your face’s size, or you will use the adjustable strap for stability.

The frame and lenses should be able to sustain any hit of a ball or racquet. That requires the glasses to be made from durable polycarbonate. The lenses should have a UV-protection and antifog feature. Lenses color should be dark enough to block the sun from shining. On the other hand, it should not dull the contrast of the yellow tennis ball.

Prescription Tennis Glasses

If you are wearing prescription glasses, then you have no choice. You need to wear them also in tennis courts. Your possibilities are quite limited. You can wear your regular glasses, or you can look for a manufacturer who will prepare the particular frame, and you (or your optician) will put prescription lenses into it.

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Tennis Sunglasses

If you prefer sunglasses over tennis caps, you have two options. You can wear sports sunglasses or racquetball protective glasses with sun lenses. The second option is usually available with an adjustable strap for a secure fit. The sport sunglasses are universal for use for any outdoor sport, including tennis. The temples are made for a perfect fit and keep the glasses on your head in any circumstances.

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