Tennis Stringing Machines Overview

When it comes to stringing your tennis racket most players rely on their tennis club or favorite shop. However, if you are taking care of kids’ or friends’ rackets, or you just have enough time it can be cost-wise to do racket stringing at home. Either way, it is always fine to know what tools and devices you would need for stringing. Here is our overview of tennis stringing machines with a few video tutorials on how to do it. Plus we picked the best tennis stringing machines available.

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Tennis Stringing Machines Types
– Drop Weight
– Manual
– Electronic
Other important features
– Table Top or Standalone
– Mounting Systems
– Clamps
Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Tennis Stringing Machines Types

The way how machines keep the tension of the strings during the stringing process determines three basic categories of tennis stringing machines. You can pick between drop weight, manual, or electronic stringing machines. Your choice will impact how much effort and time you will need for stringing a single tennis racquet.

Wilson Tennis Baiardo Stringing Machine

Wilson Tennis Baiardo Stringing Machine – Designed with a laser focus on best-in-class ergonomics to accommodate the demanding needs of professional stringers, the Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine pairs a clean, sleek look with a number of features that revolutionize comfort and convenience during the stringing process. Biomechanically Efficient Stringing Technology features three separate motors to create optimal angles for different phases of the stringing process, reducing the need to bend and twist. These tilt and height positions are determined by formulas based on the user’s height, but can be customized and recalled for up to six different users through a multilingual touch screen display. Machine also features a six-point mounting system with 360-degree rotation and a self-guiding tension head that requires just one motion to lock the string and pull tension with the flick of a finger.

Check the price of Wilson Tennis Baiardo here.

Drop Weight Tennis Stringing Machines

Drop weight machines use a rod with movable weight to keep the tension of the strings during the process. It is the oldest and still the most used device for stringing. The stringing process is slower, and the tension accuracy is limited. The main advantages of drop-weight tennis stringing machines are the price and simple use.

Watch the video below to see the drop-weight tennis stringing machine in work:

Drop weight machines are ideal for people who string rackets just once in time for themselves or their kids. The tension accuracy is not their priority, and they look for a cost-wise and straightforward solution.

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Manual Tennis Stringing Machines

Manual tennis stringing machines are also called lockout or crank machines. They use a special crank to keep the right spring tension. Manual stringing machines are more expensive than drop weight, but their tension accuracy is higher. The stringing process is faster than with drop weight machines and requires more effort from the racket stringer.

Watch the video below to see the manual tennis stringing machine at work:

Manual tennis string machines are ideal for advanced players who need extra tension accuracy.

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Electronic Tennis Stringing Machines

Electronic machines use an electric motor run by the microprocessor to keep the desired string tension during the stringing. Therefore they are dependent on electrical socket availability. They can be either constant pull or lockout machines. Constant pull machines monitor and keep the tension during the full stringing process. Lockout machines work like manual machines when an electric motor replaces the crank. Electronic devices usually have an LCD for setting up the tension, and the stringing process is fast. Electronic tennis stringing machines are the most expensive ones. However, they require the least effort from the stringer and are the most precise.

Watch the video below to see the manual tennis stringing machine at work:

Electronic tennis stringing machines are suitable for tennis shops or clubs with higher demand for stringing.

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Other features

There are also other features that should be considered before the purchase. You need to think about portability and place of use, how the racket frame will be held in the machine, and other tools you could need for stringing.

Standalone or Table Top

Stringing machines can be either table-top or standalone.

Table Top machines are portable and can be used on any horizontal and stable surface, be it a desk or a table. Drop weight machines are usually table-top ones.

Standalone machines stand on their own and are more substantial. They are also more expensive and recommended for use by professionals.

Mounting Systems

The mounting system determines how the racket is held in the machine. Mounting systems are either 2, 4, or 6 points. The number refers to the number of points that touch the racket frame. More points of touch mean better stability of the racket frame and easy and more comfortable stringing. Two points systems can be found in cheaper, basic models. Better models offer four or six points system with plastic or rubber covers to protect racket frames.


You will need at least two clamps for stringing. Clamps hold strings in a place during the job. They can be either floating or fixed. Floating clamps are not part of the stringing machine. They are used for holding the tension of the string by clamping together with another string. Fixed clamps are attached to the machine and help with keeping the tension of the strings.

Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Gamma Progression II 602Tourna 300-CSTourna 600-ES Constant Pull
Drop Weight
Table Top
Manual (Crank System)
Electronic Constant Pull
Available also as Table Top
6 Points Mounting System
Versatile Stringer
Clamps and Tools included
6 Points Mounting System
Tensioner with Linear pull
with Fixed Clamps
360 degrees turntable with brake
6 Points Mounting System
Sensitive Electronic Tensioner
Tools Included

Check the full range of Gamma Stringing Machines available on Amazon here or Tourna Stringing Machines here.

If you would like to know more about the types of strings. go to our Tennis Strings Ultimate Guide.

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