Betting Guide: Thursday and Friday Tennis Tips

Betting on tennis looks much more effortless than betting on football. First of all, you have just two possible outcomes comparing to three in football. That gives your tip a higher probability to succeed (no other conditions taken into account :). Second of all, you do not need to study the form of 22 different players but just two of them (or four if you are betting on doubles). And last but not least, there are plenty of matches every day on courts worldwide.

Besides, there is one thing that happens only in tennis. The best tennis tipsters know about that and count on it. And now it is time to reveal the magic trick to you.

Are you betting on Tennis on Thursday and Friday? Do not forget this simple thing.

The tennis season goes according to the same calendar all year. Tournaments start with first-round matches on Monday, then continue on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with first, second, and third-round matches. Friday is reserved for the quarterfinals, Saturday for the semifinals, and Sunday is the day of the final match.

This schedule is applied almost for all ATP Tour tournaments, WTA Tour tournaments, ATP Challengers and ITF Tournaments. There are just a few exceptions on the WTA tour when some tournaments start on Sunday and finish next Saturday.

The plot is hidden in qualifying. Every tournament has a few spots in the main draw reserved for qualifiers, the winners of qualification.

The qualification is played two (or one) days before the main tournament starts. That means that qualification matches are played on Saturday and Sunday before the tournament itself starts.

The qualification spots are reserved for players with lower-ranking, and qualification gives them a chance to gain entry to the main draw of bigger tournaments. And the main draw means more points and more prize-money.

The lower-ranking players usually play lower-tier tournaments a week before the higher-tier tournament. For example, the 200th player of ATP ranking will play ATP Challenger and apply for entry to ATP Tour tournament qualification, starting on Saturday.

The problem arises when our player should play quarterfinals of ATP Challenger on Friday and knows that the next day he should play in a different city the qualification match of the ATP Tour tournament.

The qualification match will never be moved or rescheduled. There are no excuses. The player does not show up. The opponent wins by walk-over.

I do not think the player will tank his ATP Challenger Quarterfinal match, but the scheduling conflict will be in his mind. If he loses the first set, will he try hard enough to turn the match around?

Mental strength is the difference between the best and good players. The focus on every ball and the ability to displace any distraction can decide tennis matches.

What if the opponent in Saturday qualification looks weak? Do you give up on the chance to play in the bigger tournament for more points and money? What about a player who took a chance to play ATP Challenger as a practice before the big tournament?

There are just a few dilemmas that players can face. What can a tennis tipster do with it?

The clever tipster will check on Thursday and Friday the entry lists for next week’s tournament qualifications. (The excellent source is here.) And take into consideration that some players on courts can think about the travel to another city in the evening.

Good Luck.

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