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The tennis season was a bit strange in 2020. We had a long break in March and April. In May, the sports world came back to life. June and July were full of football and national tennis exhibitions (some of them with great line-ups). And finally, in August, we saw the WTA and ATP back. This season will be kinda different too with a lot of rescheduling and last-minute changes. However, that is also an opportunity. The best tennis tipsters can find gaps in bookmaker odds and bring value to their followers in the long term. Betting professionals who can inspire you and make you more profitable.

August 2021 Update:

Three new tennis tipsters emerged in the official Tipstrr ranking we have to mention. We believe their tips can be very useful during the US Open summer series.

Tennis 1

This tipster specializes in betting correct score results (more than half of his bets) and his success rate is above 30%. That can seem low but his average odds are well above 4.00. And that is worth of try.

You can follow Tennis 1 tips here.

Tennis Madness

Match winners with odds above 2.00 are the specialty of Tennis Madness tipster. He splits his bets evenly between ATP and WTA matches with better results on ladies’ matches. His strike rate is dangerously close to 50% with average odds above 2.70.

Tennis Madness tips are worth following here.


TennisBeast is not a daily man, he spares tips just for special occasions with the most success on Asian handicap tips. He is not afraid of tips on Challenger or even ITF tournaments and provides them with sufficient advance.

Try TennisBeast tips here.

Original text below with other profitable tipsters can be found below.

Three Best Tennis Tipsters

Best Tennis Tipsters

We used the Tipstrr platform as a tool for looking for the best tennis tipsters. Tipstrr is an independent provider and evaluator of paid and free tennis tips.

We picked tipsters who are betting solely (or at least 85% of their bets) on tennis. We looked also at their past performance.

The performance for all tipsters is calculated with every stake placed with the same amount (20€).

Tennis Only

Tennis Only is one of a few tipsters who bet just on tennis. He is on Tipstrr for more than 24 months and steadily delivers profit to all his followers.

The return from the “corona” break was not easy for Tennis Only, but he finds the way. December, a month usually not very tennis-friendly, marks his return to the green.

January is going very well for Tennis Only, and we are curious how he handles the return of matches in Australia.

He publishes his bets well in advance (3 to 12 hours) of the start of tennis matches.

The average odds on his bets are slightly below 2.0. That is highly compensated by a 60+ percent strike rate.

Two-thirds of his bets are accumulators, and the rest are usually single bets with higher odds. Tennis Only finished with a profit in 11 out of 12 months in 2019, and 5 of 6 months in 2020 so far.

You will not become rich overnight by following Tennis Only, but you can get a steady side income almost every month. And that is what you should be looking for in betting.

Find out more about Tennis Only tips, performance, and service here.

The Goat

The Goat all-time stats

The Goat is one of the most successful tipsters overall. His performance this year is highly positive, with just three months finished in red.

Goat’s adaptation to the new “after-corona” state of tennis was excellent. He was looking for the edge till September to find it right in time for French Open.

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 were hilarious.

He bets mainly on tennis (90%) and focuses on single bets. The average odds of his bets are well above 2.0.

His bets are published 3 to 12 hours before the start of the event. Followers praise that as they have enough time to place their bet.

The past performance of the Goat shows that he delivers a steady profit in the long term (12 months). Two times in the past, he had two negative months in a row, but the patience of followers paid off.

Check more information about the Goat and his betting service here.

Around the Green Ball

Around the Green Ball is one of the newcomers on the Tipstrr platform. Over 90% of his bets are tennis bets.

His performance so far was very satisfying. He was able to recover from early losses in March and May.

June and July were miracle months for Around the Green Ball. Exhibition tennis matches are not easy to bet, but his stats prove he knows how to do it.

Unfortunately, Around the Green Ball did not return with bets from December 2020. Check if he is back during the Australian Open here.

Most of his bets are placed 1 to 6 hours in advance. And all of his bets are free so far.

That makes him a name you need to have on your list of top tennis tipsters. You can follow him and let him inspire you.

You can subscribe to Around the Green Ball for free here.

Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball Overall Stats

Yellow Ball is our new selection in the best tennis tipster list. He celebrates one year on Tipstrr and his late results are spectacular.

He places his bets mostly 1 to 6 hours before the start of matches, but that is very well balanced with his results.

The average odds of his tennis tips are above 2.2. That makes him very attractive in terms of the necessary success rate to break even.

Check more information about Yellow Ball and his betting service here.

More good tennis tipsters

There are many more good tipsters (not just tennis ones) available on the Tipstrr platform. Some of them offer their service for free, so the only thing you need is a valid email address.

In the end, let us give you three bits of advice for betting and picking the tipsters.

Check the past performance – you get a better insight into the tipster’s quality by looking at his history. One-hit wonders are not worth it.

Check when tips are usually published – you will need to see the tips in advance to arrange the best for yourself. Tipsters, who are revealing tips just minutes before the match are useless.

Money used for betting should be just a tiny part of your overall wealth. Bet just the money you can afford to lose.

All tipsters and their performance can be searched here.

August 2021: You can check the official ranking of tipsters for the 1st half of 2021 here.

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