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Betting is a longterm hunt for profit. The key to being successful lies in possession of the right information, discipline, and quality bankroll management. Information gathering and analyzing data is the focus of this article.

Reliable information is the key

There are plenty of ways how to gather reliable information about tennis matches you intend to bet. Days, when you were reliant on newspapers, are gone forever. The internet offers many different sources of everything. Your task is to differentiate between reliable and unreliable news. Analyzing what information is worth it and which one is not. The job looks simple at first sight, but in reality, it is a tough task. Therefore many recreational and also professional bettors are looking for help with choosing the right matches and right picks.

How to find successful tipster who is worth following

Finding the pundit who shows his picks continuously before the matches can be a way how to make betting easier for you. However, there are plenty of services with mixed results. Some of them are pure scams, some of them are shortlived, and some of them are serious.

One of the most respected platforms in the industry is Tipstrr. Damien Fearn, Andy Jones, and Liam Cooper founded the company in 2014. In 2019 it was acquired by digital marketing company Natural Intelligence. Tipstrr is a platform that connects betting experts with sports bettors.

Tipstrr provides thousand of tips (free and paid) daily from various sports events around the world. The company itself independently evaluates all tips provided by members. Thanks to that, you get the independent help with differentiating between successful (profitable) and unsuccessful (losing) tipsters.

How to use Tipstrr

There are many different tipster services available on Tipstrr. Some of them are free, some of them are paid.

The good thing is that you can get a lot of tips for free. You do need to pay anything or to oblige yourself to anything. You can get access to the platform just for your email address. (Someone can object, that email address has value and therefore is not absolutely for free, but for me, it is worth it. You will get hundreds of picks just for your email).

You can search the sports events and see the tips provided by numerous tipsters. Or you can find a tipster with a proven performance record and follow his picks solely. It is just up to you how you approach this unlimited source of information and recommendations. You can focus on tipsters who provide tips freely or tipsters who are selling their services.

Every tipster has a detailed statistics section where you can find the patterns (e.g. what sports does he prefer, what is his successful rate, if he prefers Acca or solo bets and many more).

TennisOnly Tipster Detailed Stats

Tipstrr also provides a mobile app for your smartphone. You can set up your notifications and email settings and get a push or email alerts anytime a new tip is added on the platform.

The options are almost unlimited, thousands of sports events daily with thousands of tips. You can follow just the sports you like or all of them. You can use Tipstrr as an inspiration, or you can become a betting portfolio manager by combining tips from different successful tipsters.

Free Tennis Tips

If you are interested only in Tennis Tips, you can look at the Tennis section on the platform. You will see plenty of free tips daily and also a lot of paid tips. I recommend searching among the top tennis tipsters. Tipstrr provides a ranking of tipsters based on their latest performance or based on their longterm performance. An exclusive ranking is devoted to tipsters who offer tips for free. Tipsters cover not just top ATP and WTA matches but also challenger and ITF tournaments. Even in times with fewer top tournaments available, you can find many tips on lower-tier tennis matches.


I am using Tipstrr for more than two years now. My level of satisfaction is still very high. The free service is reliable and very valuable. Anytime I want to bet, I confront my opinions with the tipsters on the platform. And thanks to an independent evaluation of tipsters’ performance, I consult just with successful tipsters. Give it a try to become a more successful and profitable tipster.


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