Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls

I play with Dunlop Fort Tennis Balls for a long time. However, last month I saw a reasonable price on other Dunlop balls: Dunlop ATP championship tennis balls. It is still Dunlop, the official partner of the ATP tour and prestige ATP tournaments like Nitto ATP Finals, NextGen ATP, or the Australian Open, so why do not give them a try?.

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Dunlop ATP Championship Regular or Extra Duty?

Dunlop ATP tennis balls are available in two different versions: Regular Duty and Extra Duty.

Regular Duty tennis balls are suitable for play at indoor or clay courts. Extra Duty tennis balls are usually used at hard courts.

The exact difference between regular, extra duty, or pressureless tennis balls is explained here.

That does not mean you can not play with regular duty balls on hard courts, but you have known that they will wear out faster. On another side, extra-duty tennis balls are prone to blow on clay.

Check the difference in the price of Dunlop ATP Championship Regular Duty and Extra Duty tennis balls here.

Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls Technology

Dunlop Max Core and Durafelt HD Cloth are two technologies used in ATP Championship tennis balls.

Max Core technology is specially engineered for use with a lighter, non-woven cloth. Durafelt HD CLoth is a premium non-woven cloth for superb consistency with good durability. Both technologies are patented by Dunlop.

Durability and Bounce

Changing the balls is always tricky. The new balls are usually heavier, and you can feel the difference immediately.

Dunlop ATP balls do not look as fluffy as Dunlop Fort tennis balls, but the bounce and the feel were very similar. After a few minutes, I did not recognize the difference. The bounce was perfect as expected, and I did not experience any unpleasantries with my new balls.

I am not a professional player, so I am not changing tennis balls after seven games. Instead, I usually keep them for a few sessions until they are good to go for my tennis. And they still are after hours of practice, so I am satisfied.


It is always good to experience more types of balls to find out what you like the most. The experience can be good if you play with different players and need to adapt to their balls. Dunlop ATP Championship tennis balls are as good as other Dunlop tennis balls I use. Bounce and durability are absolutely in line with my requirements. Therefore, I will put them up in my list of preferred balls.

Dunlop ATP Championship
Extra Duty
Dunlop ATP Championship
Regular Duty
Check the price on Amazon hereCheck the price on Amazon here
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