Dunlop ATP Championship Tennis Balls

I play with Dunlop Fort Tennis Balls for a long time. However, last month I saw a reasonable price on other Dunlop balls: Dunlop ATP championship tennis balls. It is still Dunlop, the official partner of the ATP tour and prestige ATP tournaments like Nitto ATP Finals, NextGen ATP, or […]

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Five Tennis Things To Do During “Corona” Outage

The corona-virus outbreak affects all aspects of our life in the coming months. Quarantine of those in risk and cancellation of almost all mass events (including sports and tennis tournaments) is the probable outcome for the next two or three months. We hope that everybody and everything will be ok […]

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Pressurized and Pressureless Tennis Balls

What is inside tennis ball? (video inside)

I know the title of this article is pretty childish. But frankly, did you ever asked that question yourself? The answer is clear in the case of pressurized tennis balls, but what is inside of pressureless tennis balls? I decided to find it out. You do not need many things […]

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PressureLess Tennis Balls

Pressureless Tennis Balls – Advantages & Use

You probably noticed the balls with X on tennis courts already. The X is the sign of Tretorn Micro-X Pressureless Tennis Balls. They are not the only pressureless tennis balls, but they are most easily recognizable and they belong to the best pressureless tennis balls. I always thought about trying […]

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Head Championship Tennis Balls Review

Head tennis balls are not very known and widespread in the USA. However, in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom they belong to bestsellers. They are used not just by professionals but are wide-spread at the club and recreational level. They beat even the Dunlop and Wilson tennis balls in […]

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Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls v3

Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls

The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are premium balls that, until recently, has been unavailable in the USA. But this ball is now available for purchase on Amazon. These are premium balls used by the pros in several tournaments. Professional Grade The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are used in numerous ATP […]

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