Five Tennis Things To Do During “Corona” Outage

The corona-virus outbreak affects all aspects of our life in the coming months. Quarantine of those in risk and cancellation of almost all mass events (including sports and tennis tournaments) is the probable outcome for the next two or three months. We hope that everybody and everything will be ok and wish all influenced speedy recovery.

However, as a recreational tennis player and keen tennis fan, I was thinking hard about what to do in the coming months. ATP and WTA tournaments will be canceled for a few weeks. It looks that we will not see any tennis tournament at least in March and April. May tournaments are open, and their fate will be decided upon the situation with a virus outbreak later. Therefore there is no chance to spend days watching matches. So what can we do? Here is my list of five tennis things to do during “corona” days.

#1 Playing singles

The risk of spreading the virus lies in social contacts. Therefore you should avoid places with a high concentration of people. Tennis is a game for two or four people, and you are not close to your potential opponent. Singles look safe as now. You just need to find an opponent who thinks the same and open tennis court.

#2 Practice alone with the tennis ball machine

In case you have a tennis court at the disposal and do not want risk contact with other players, you still can practice. Tennis Ball Machines are ideal partners for any practice. The cheapest ball machines come at prices below $1000. They are suitable for practicing base shots again and again. The more advanced ball machines can simulate real match conditions.

The most preferred ball machine by our readers is Spinshot Player. It offers 12 preprogrammed drills, and you can program your custom drills too. And believe me, practicing for an hour or two with the tennis ball machine will make you much more exhausted than playing the match. The device is never tired and does not need time for refreshments. The battery can stand for 2 to 4 hours, and you have the phone remote control included. Try it, and you will be the star of the tennis courts when the season restarts.

The cheapest ball machine is Tennis Twist for a price well below $500. It is a simple ball machine that can be used in your backyard or in the basement. Tennis Twist is a fun toy and practice tool in one, ideal for kids to improve their swing.

And maybe you do not need the tennis court at all. Check the video from SlingerBag, the manufacturer of a new tennis ball machine that should be ready for sale in June, with tips on how to transform their home surroundings (kitchen, gardens, and balconies) into a tennis court.

#3 Work on your physical condition

Physical condition is very important for any sport, not just for tennis. I would like to devote more time to build my physical conditions. Running and physical exercises are individual, and therefore you can do it anytime, even in “corona times.”

#4 Practice the tiny but essential details

Service is one of the hardest but most effective shots in tennis. The way how you put the ball in the air is critical and can improve your service a lot. I will practice the throw out of the balls every day. Just draw target above you, and you can start. The detail above is only one example of tiny detail you can improve. There are plenty of them. And practicing every day will make you a better player in the future.

Another thing I do every day is improving the overall handling of tennis balls.

Though, lot of work still ahead 🙂

#5 Read books

Coming weeks will be an excellent time to switch from net and tv to good old books. There are plenty of good tennis books available. Here is my list of best tennis books I prepared a few months ago. They will inspire you, and they will entertain you. And you can read not just tennis books but anything you do not have time for in regular times.

Or if you do not like reading, watch movies, series, and documents at home. Check this Amazon Prime Video offer.

Stay safe, care about yourself and others, and we will return stronger, not just to the tennis courts.


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