Best Tennis Books – TOP 7 LIST

There are plenty of books about tennis. Some are written by journalists, some by active tennis players, some by retired tennis players and some by absolute outsiders. I read a lot and I do not hesitate to share my opinions on books. It is hard to find a really good book about the tennis. Here is my list of 7 best tennis books. Books which will be appreciated not just by tennis fans but also by readers who do not care about tennis too much.

Best Tennis Books – TOP 7

1 – Andre Agassi; Open: An Autobiography

Publisher: Vintage
Year: 2010
My Rating: 5/5

Everybody knows Andre Agassi. At first the rebel, then serious one, and now responsible one. Even such a popular and widely known person as Andre himself has secrets. And this book reveals them all. There is no topic in his life he kept for himself. Andre Agassi is really as open as possible. This book gives deep insight into the world of top tennis players and also to their minds. The best reading about tennis, but not just about tennis. This book is about the life of Andre Agassi. And Andre Agassi is absolutely open about everything. Our top choice for tennis books, the must-read for everyone.

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2 – Simon Kostrava; The Betting Industry

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2016
My Rating: 4/5

This book is not about a particular tennis player. It is about betting. Gambling and betting start to be a big issue in the tennis world. A lot of people try to guess the winner, a lot of people fail, a lot of people abuse players on social networks because of losses. And some people try to influence players to get the result they need. The Betting Industry gives you an insightful look into the world of high sporting bets. Basic introduction about the betting and bookmakers and then just straight answers. Who profits the most, who always lose, is it possible to be profitable in the long term for average bettor? How to be smart when you try to guess the winner. Read this book before you place your first bet and avoid mistakes others do.

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3 – Rafael Nadal; Rafa

Publisher: Hachette Books
Year: 2011
My Rating: 4/5

Special insight into the mind of the Clay King Rafael Nadal. Spaniard known for his physically demanding tennis style wrote his autobiography with journalist John Carlin. You will read about his start in Mallorca under Uncle Tony coach supervision. How he became one of the top tennis players, how he dealt with many injuries he had. How he handles situations when his career was threatened by them. Rafael Nadal is not sympathetic to all, but his unique insight into the life of top tennis professionals can be inspiring to many.

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4 – Novak Djokovic; Serve to Win

Publisher: Zinc Ink
Year: 2013
My Rating: 3/5

Everybody loves Novak Djokovic on the tennis court. And now you can read more about him. This book is not just about tennis and not just for tennis fans. It is also for those who want to change their eating habits, to feel lighter, better and healthier. Djokovic describes how he found out he can not process gluten and how it changed his life. He had to dramatically change the way he eats and now he shares his receipt for change. A lot of practical advice everybody can use. But remember this not just a tennis book.

Full Review here

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5 – Pete Sampras; A Champions Mind: Lessons from Life in Tennis

Publisher: Crown Archetype
Year: 2008
My Rating: 3/5

Pete Sampras was the most unreadable mind in tennis. Always cold-blooded with full determination to the game. The win was the only thing that matters. Anyone who was not in his inner circle was not able to understand him well, to read him. But his stand brought success. Fourteen Grand Slam titles, 286 weeks as the number one of ATP ranking. Now his book finally gives everyone look into Pete Sampras’s life and mind. And he has also emotions. In this book is everything. His lows and tops, his success and fails. Good to read to know how it feels to be number one.

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6 – Arthur Ashe; Days of Grace: A Memoir

Publisher: Ballantines Books
Year: 1994
My Rating: 3/5

Arthur Ashe was a great tennis player but was a much greater real person. This book mostly is not about tennis. It is about life. About life in times when to be black was not easy. It is about racism and the impact it has on Arthur Ashe, his career and life. Book also handles the times when Ashe was diagnosed with AIDS, transmitted by a blood transfusion. How he found peace and satisfaction even with this disease.

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7 – Chris Bowers; Federer

Publisher: John Blake
Year: 2016
My Rating: 3/5

The Great of All Times, Roger Federer, and his story. The story of his life, the inspiring reading about probably the best tennis player in our lives. This book is not an authorized autobiography, so it misses the insides from Roger himself. But it stills gives a pretty good look on his life, successes, and fails. Not a sensational type of book but an honest and straight recount of Federer’s career.

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