A Quick Guide to the Best Tennis Bags for Every Player

The more you play tennis, the more things you need to bring to a tennis court. Times, when you just took a racquet and one pack of balls, are gone forever. Nowadays you need to take at least two racquets, shoes, reserve pair of socks, a reserve t-shirt, a pack of balls, one bottle of water, one bottle of isotonic drink and few other tiny things you definitely need for your best tennis. Tennis Bags are really important if you intend playing tennis regularly. And believe me, it is not easy to choose the best tennis bag for you.

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Best Tennis Bags
Best Tennis Bags for Kids

What to consider when looking for Tennis Bag:
Tennis Bag Size
Backpack or Shoulder?
Other Useful Features Your Tennis Bag Should Have
Racket and Bag: Same Brand or Not?

Best Tennis Bags

#1 – Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag

“Simple and Light at Affordable Price”
Wilson is the prime tennis brand and it is no surprise their bag is one of the best tennis bags available. However, the surprise is that the number one tennis bag is from the Wilson Advantage Tennis Bag Series. This bag is very simple and holds up to three tennis rackets plus it has a small second compartment for personal items. This bag is really simple and is manufactured in four different colors (black/red, black/white, pink/white, red/white). Ideal for beginners or kids who do not need to bring a lot of other things to the court.

Price: $

#2 – Wilson Team Tennis Bag

“Play like a pro, bag like a pro”Wilson Team Tennis Bag is not just about the tennis. It is also about status. You will definitely look like a pro player. It is manufactured in three versions for 12, 6 or 3 rackets. It has three main compartments for rackets and apparel. Additionally, it has two larger side pockets and one smaller pocket for personal items. Shoulder straps are adjustable and removable. Wilson Team Tennis Bag can be carried on your shoulder or as a backpack.

Price: $$

#3 – Babolat Pure Tennis Bag

“Isothermal protection, ventilated tunnel pocket for shoes”

Babolat Pure Tennis Bag is a bit more expensive than previous bags but it is worth every cent. It holds up to 6 rackets in two big compartments. One of the compartments has Isothermal protection to keep your rackets in ideal temperature to prevent string tension loss. The bag includes also two additional larger pockets. One is ventilated for shoes or dirty apparel. The second pocket is for personal items. Two straps are adjustable and padded. The bag can be carried on your back or at your shoulder.

Price: $$$

Best Tennis Bags for Kids

The main difference between tennis bags for adults and juniors lies in size. Kids Tennis Bags should be smaller and lighter. They usually hold just one, maximum of two rackets. We recommend just backpacks for kids as we do not want them to carry things just on one shoulder.

#1 – Wilson Junior Collection Tennis Bag

“Different color versions for boys and girls, for 2 rackets” Wilson Junior Collection Tennis Bag holds up to two junior rackets. It has a separate racket compartment and a separate pocket for other items. Straps are padded and adjustable. Wilson Junior Tennis Bag is produced in two colors (blue/yellow for boys, blue/pink for girls).

Price: $

#2 – Head Kids Tennis Bag

“For carrying the racket without any discomfort”

Head Kids Tennis Bag is perfect for smaller kids starting with tennis. The bag has three pockets (two bigger ones and one accessory). The racket pocket is separated from pocket for clothes and shoes. An accessory pocket is for personal items.

Price: $

#3 – Wilson Racket and Bag Set

“Ideal starter pack with everything kid needs for tennis”

Why look for all the things you need separately if you can get them in one packet? This set includes pre-strung¬†Wilson Federer Junior Tennis Racket (you can choose from three sizes 21″, 23″, 23″ – more about how to choose kids tennis racket can be found here), one can with three tennis balls and Wilson Junior Collection Tennis Bag (our #1 choice of best tennis bags for kids). Price is more than ideal for this tennis starter set.

Price: $$

What to consider when looking for Tennis Bag

Tennis Bag Size

First of all, you should count all the things you need to bring to your normal tennis session. When you know the number and sizes, then you should make the basic decision about the size of your bag. Generally, you will choose between a single racket backpack or a regular tennis bag with two or three compartments for three to six tennis rackets. When watching the ATP and WTA tournaments you usually see players bringing two bags on the court with them. One big three compartments bag, and one smaller bag with other necessary accessories professional needs. A do not forget, that towels waiting on the bench are provided by an organization, so they do not need to put them in the bag. Recreational players usually use just one bag, depending on a number of racquets either two compartments or three-compartment bag. Kids prefer to backpack one racquet bag. I personally tend to choose a bigger tennis bag over a smaller tennis bag. The more I play, the more things I get used to carry with me to the court.

Backpack or Shoulder?

The decision about the way you will carry your bag is really important. I saw a lot of players with shoulder problems arising just at the moment they enter the court. Carrying a heavy big tennis bag on your shoulder could be too dangerous for your shoulders. Fortunately, days when choosing a backpack bag meant to bring just one racquet are definitely over. Better models of tennis bags have straps that can be adjusted and you can carry your bag either on your shoulder or on your back. I prefer bags with more variability, therefore I choose tennis bags with adjustable straps.

Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag

Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag

HEAD Core Backpack

*Two main compartments (each for up to 3 rackets)
*One with Isothermal Protection to prevent tension loss in strings
*Exterior, ventilated tunnel pocket
*Large, side accessory pocket with internal organizational features
*Attached, padded and adjustable backpack straps
*Grab handles at the end and middle

*Up to 6 rackets
*Two large main compartments
*Exterior pocket for personal items
*RF Signature

*Fits 1 to 2 racquets
*One main compartment
*One accessories pocket
*Two side mesh pockets.




Other features your Tennis Bag should have

Two or three big compartments are usually used for rackets, shoes, t-shirts. However, you always bring also smaller pieces of equipment to the court (e.g. keys, knee brace, towel) To put them in the bigger compartments is not always comfortable. At first, smaller things like keys can scratch your racket or damage your strings. Secondly, it is no fun to look for keys or vibration dampener in the big space you have reserved for your racket. Therefore, it is always useful when your tennis bag has also a side accessory pocket with organizational features.

Grab handles should be usually padded and two are enough to carry your bag in hand.

Straps of your bag should be padded to ease the pressure on your shoulder or back. Adjustable length of the strap is a must for every tennis bag and these days you hardly find a tennis bag without it.

The top-end models have a protective thermal lining for the racquet compartment to keep your strings in optimal temperature to avoid loss of tension.

Ventilated compartments for shoes and dirty gear is also a big plus for your tennis bag.

Racket and Bag: Same Brand or Not?

It is not a must but usually if you play with a Babolat racket you probably use also Babolat tennis bag. Some people raise their eyebrows when they see a player pulling his Yonex racket out of a tennis bag with big Wilson on the side. For me, it is a pure fashion thing. If you play with Yonex, but you still have your Head bag, you are used to, just go ahead and enjoy your game.

But if you feel good just when everything clicks, then find a good combo of racquet and bag of the same brand for a good price.

Babolat Pure Aero Black/Yellow Tennis Backpack

Wilson Federer Tennis Bag

Garbine Muguruza Babolat Bundle Pack

for 12 rackets

+Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet
+Luxilon ALU Power 125 tennis string setup
+Pure 12-Pack tennis bag in Blue
+three pack of Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip




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