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It was 10 years ago I felt the tension in my knee during my tennis game. The pain came quickly and unexpectedly. It always took two or three days of rest for the pain to disappear. Then I was able to play tennis again till the pain did not come again. As the intervals between the pain period got shorter I needed the solution. I was looking for the best knee support for tennis players. Currently, I am using just a knee strap and I am delighted. I can play tennis every day with no rest because of the knee pain needed. Below is the list of knee braces, straps, sleeves, and bands I tried and used to relieve my knee pain.

Note: The valuation and rating (stars awarded) are purely subjective and come from my personal experience. If you suffer from any pain you should visit a doctor for help.

The Best Knee Braces, Straps, and Bands for Tennis

ORTOREX Compression Knee Brace



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IPOW 2 Pack Knee Strap



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UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Brace



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UFlex Knee Brace & Support Open Patella



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Ortorex Compression Knee Brace

I recently purchased this brace to help alleviate my knee pain and provide support during my workouts. After using it for a few weeks, I can share my experience and provide a detailed review.

+ it has effectively reduced my knee pain and provided support. I have also noticed that my knee feels more stable, which has significantly reduced my fear of injury
+ the silicone pad surrounding the kneecap is a great feature, providing additional stability and protection. I have found this to be especially helpful during running and jumping
+ the two spring support strips on each side of the knee brace have been a game-changer for me. They provide extra support without limiting my range of motion, allowing me to perform my exercises
+ I love that this brace is suitable for various sports and activities. I have used it for running, weightlifting, and even yoga

– I experienced some initial discomfort when I first started using the brace, particularly behind the knee. However, this subsided after a few uses as the material adapted to my knee’s shape and movements

Check the price of Ortorex Compression Knee Brace here

Knee Compression Brace

After my knee sleeve wear out (probably because I did not wash it just in cold water) I moved to more elaborate knee support. I switched from the sleeve to the knee brace. The main difference between a sleeve and a brace is the tightening strap. It makes the brace an even better fit and should be a solution for a longer time than the sleeve.

+ knee brace provides as good support for knees and the muscle above and below the knee as the knee sleeve
+ strap ensures the brace will stay tight for a long time
+ Easy to put on and tight up with straps
+ ultra-lightweight material
+ Very good knee support
– you will be too sweaty under the brace during summer
– three different sizes available, you need to pick the right one to hold on tight on your leg and provide support
– sold in a package with just one brace
– price

Knee Brace with Open Patella

As a man who sweats a lot, I used also a knee brace with an open patella to relieve my knee from extreme sweating. The other advantage is that one size fits all and you do not risk picking the wrong size.

+ not so much sweating during a play thanks to the open patella
+ straps ensure the brace will stay tight for a long time
+ one size fits all, you can adjust the brace tightness with two straps
+ easy to put on
– weaker support of the knee; support is focused on muscles around the knee
– Velcro can lose its hold after long use
– sold in a package with just one brace
– price

Patella Strap

In the end, I find out I do not need a sleeve or brace. I start to use just a strap to relieve my pain. My initial scepticism was beaten very soon. I was afraid that the strap will not provide enough support for my knee and muscles but surprisingly it was enough. No pain was felt, and I was sweating a lot less during the summer.

+ ideal for summer matches, almost no sweating under the strap at all
+ no pain felt
+ adjustable velcro straps make it really easy to fix and stay tight on the leg.
+ 2 straps in one package
+ Very good price
– visually weaker support of the knee
– velcro can lose its hold after long use

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