Tennis Balls Pickers – How to pick-up balls quickly and efficiently

Suppose you are a pro tennis player with a group of ball boys at every match, then you do not need to think about picking up tennis balls. However, even the best professional players do not use ball boys during practice. Then the quickest way of picking up the balls helps to make the time on the court spent as efficiently as possible. Check with us what are the best options available between tennis ball pickers.

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Pick-up Tube

The tube is the cheapest and most used type of ball picker.

It is usually from 100 cm to 130 cm long (40 inches to 50 inches) and holds from 15 to 30 balls. It is made from durable plastic with a rubber elastic band closure on both sides. The closure lets the ball into the tube when pressed against the ground.

The closure keeps the ball in the tube during transport. When you need to dispense balls into the basket, you just release the elastic closure on one side.

Prices of pick-up tubes usually start at $20.

The advantages of pick-up tubes are the price and the low weight that makes it usable by kids.

Tourna Tenn Tube Tennis Ball PickupGamma Tennis Balltube
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Ball Hopper

Tennis ball hoppers are portable ball baskets with handles that can be turned to the legs.

The hoppers/baskets have extra space between the bars at the bottom to quickly pick up tennis balls under slight pressure. Hoppers are made either from coated steel or polypropylene.

The capacity of hoppers is from 70 to 100 balls, depending on the size of the basket.

The prices of tennis ball hoppers start above $35.

The advantages of hoppers are the big capacity of the basket, the possibility of using it as a stand-up basket during practice, and also it serves as a transport bag for all the balls.

Gamma Sports Tennis BallhopperWilson Tennis Ball Pick Up HopperTourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels
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Multi Roller

Rollers are the other invention that makes your life on the court easier. You just roll the device over the court, and the roller picks up all the loose balls.

To release the balls from the roller, just switch the nylon closure on the side.

The capacity of ball rollers starts at 50 balls, and prices are above $50.

PurplePassion Tennis Ball CollectorKollectaball K-Max 60 Ball Collector
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Tennis Ball Mowers

Tennis ball mowers bring another level of comfort. You just push the mower as a cart in the shop, and the balls are coming right into the basket.

The price for this efficient and easy-to-use device starts at $350. It holds from 90 to 300 balls, depending on the model.

Check the prices of different ball mowers here.

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