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I understand that sometimes you do not have time to click on different pages and tabs and categories. You just want to know where to find what you are looking for. So here is your ultimate guide. We have list of players and their rackets, we have lists of players belonging to respective brands. And we of course have summary pages with statistics.

Here is the list of the lists. All links to different pages.

TENNIS PLAYERS RACKETS – lists of players and their rackets (to every name we have at least the brand of rackets, in most case we have also the racket type)

ATP TOP 10 Players

ATP TOP 30 Players

ATP TOP 100 Players

WTA TOP 10 Players

WTA TOP 30 Players

WTA TOP 100 Players

BRANDS – summary of numbers of wins on this years tournaments on tour. summary numbers of players playing with respective racket brand. You can find here how many players in TOP 10, TOP 30, TOP 50, TOP 100 ranking both WTA and ATP play with respective racket brand. By clicking on name of the brand you will get to list of players playing with that brand.













TOURNAMENT WINS BY RACKETS – if you want to know which racket wins the most, you click here. You will get numbers of wins during a year by respective racket brands. You can also switch to find which player win how much tournaments. Then you can switch to list of all tournaments with names of winners and their rackets

Summary of Wins in ATP Tournaments 2015 by Racket Brands

Summary of Wins in ATP Tournaments 2015 by Players

List of ATP Tournaments 2015 with respective Winners and Racket Brands and Types

Summary of Wins in WTA Tournaments 2015 by Racket Brands

Summary of Wins in WTA Tournaments 2015 by Players

List of WTA Tournaments 2015 with respective Winners and Racket Brands and Types

BLOG – our small contributions, where we post our findings and research about datas compiled above. Also we give notices about changes and updates in datas and sometimes (but very seldom) our opinions about some specific tennis event or fact.

ABOUT US – name tells everything

PREDICT! – sometimes we want to know what is your prediction about some future tennis event.

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Simon is the leading editor of TennisProGuru.com from 2015. He is an avid tennis player from age of 5, however, he never reached the pro level. Still, he likes playing tennis on different courts, with different rackets, and against different opponents. In his free time, you can find him watching all possible tennis matches he can find on the web or tv. Challenger or Grand Slam? It does not matter, just tennis matters.

He currently plays with:
Racket: Wilson Clash 100
Strings: Babolat RPM Blast
Grip: Head Xtreme Soft
Shoes: Asics Gel-Game 5 Clay (for clay courts), Lotto Court (for hard courts)
Balls: Dunlop Fort All Courts and Head Championship

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