Junior Grand Slam Winners 2017 and their rackets

Everybody would like to know the future. In tennis, we can just guess who of young players will be able to compete also on senior pro level. Tennis racket brands also try to guess and offer contracts to promising young players. For brands, it is the easiest way to secure visibility and sales success in future.

We are keeping the database of tennis players and rackets they use. And therefore we can provide a look in the future and give a hint which brand is at the best position for future.

Here is the list of junior winners of Grand Slam titles in 2017:

Grand SlamWinnerCountryRacket Brand
Australian Open - BoysPiros ZsomborHungaryHEAD
Australian Open - GirlsKostyuk MartaUkraineWILSON
French Open - BoysPopyrin AlexeiAustraliaHEAD
French Open - GirlsOsuigwe WhitneyUSAYONEX
Wimbledon - BoysFokina Alejandro-DavidovychSpainTECNIFIBRE
Wimbledon - GirlsLiu ClaireUSABABOLAT
US open - BoysWu YibingChinaHEAD
US Open - GirlsAnisimova AmandaUSABABOLAT

List of Racket Brands with the number of Junior Grand Slam winners 2017:

Racket BrandNumber of Junior GS 2017 Winners

The best future lies ahead of Head. Head rackets are used by 3 Boys Grand Slam winners, its position is pretty strong. Between Girls, the most used racket by winners is Babolat.

You can Search our full Database of Players and Rackets here
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