yonex tennis rackets

Yonex Tennis Rackets – All you need to know

There are three big rackets brand in the tennis world. Wilson, Babolat, and Head. And then there is the fourth brand. Japanese Yonex, who made its name first in badminton, but was and still is quite successful also in tennis. If you are thinking a little bit out of the […]

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Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls v3

Tecnifibre X-One Tennis Balls

The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are premium balls that, until recently, has been unavailable in the USA. But this ball is now available for purchase on Amazon. These are premium balls used by the pros in several tournaments. Professional Grade The Tecnifibre X-One tennis balls are used in numerous ATP […]

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Babolat racket

Babolat vs Wilson Tennis Racket Comparison

Picking the right tennis racket is usually an emotionally driven decision. You hardly find a quality difference between Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson ProStaff. Different types of players need different types of rackets, but for recreational players, the decision usually depends on what they like in terms of design or […]

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badminton shuttlecock

How to Choose the Best Badminton Shuttlecocks?

I already mentioned that I play badminton sporadically. What always impresses me that even as an amateur I have to make a lot of choices regarding the gear. I already wrote how I choose the badminton racket, but still, one important decision lies ahead. What kind of shuttlecock should I […]

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Best Tennis Rackets for Every Type of Player

The most important part of your game is definitely your tennis racket. There is no general opinion which rackets is the best in the world. Every group of players has different preferences. Tennis Racket suitable for professionals can be too hard for an amateur to use. What is good for […]

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3 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

We made our test during the event where we had access to 20+ different Wilson rackets. We got a chance to play with every piece for almost half an hour on clay and our ranking of 3 best Wilson tennis rackets is based on this testing. Update: Wilson Clash was […]

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tennis net

Tennis Net Guide – All you need to know

Everybody knows that a tennis net is an essential part of any tennis game: no net, no play, no fun. However, not many people know what the right sizes of a tennis net are. Either if you want to buy a new tennis net for your court or club, or […]

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Yonex Tennis Racket

Yonex Tennis Racket Review – Yonex EZONE Xi 98

I bought my Yonex tennis racket two years ago. My play stagnated that time so I made quite extensive research about the characteristics and features my new racket should possess. I thought that new racket will give me a boost and I will develop my play further. Here is the […]

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My Asics Tennis Shoes for Clay


It is exactly twelve months since I bought new clay tennis shoes. I definitely need them, as my old model tear apart after extensive usage for almost three years. Clay is a pretty demanding surface for tennis. You need to be able to slide but not slip on clay. You […]

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Sports Bra and Tops – Guide for Active Women

If you are engaged in any sports activities, it is important to choose the right type of bra. A well-chosen sports bra not only prevents excessive movement of the breast but also provides a feeling of comfort and convenience. In a good sports bra, there is no irreversible stretching of […]

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Adidas Rolland Garros

A Guide to the Best Tennis T-Shirts Technologies

Playing tennis is not just about the tennis racket. Your comfort on the court during the play depends on tennis shoes, shorts and definitely on tennis t-shirt you wear. In a search for the best tennis t-shirt, you will pay attention to the size, color, and design, so that you look and […]

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How to Choose the Best Tennis Strings for your Racquet

Tennis strings and stringing together are one of the most underestimated things between recreational tennis players. Many of them devote a lot of time thinking about the best tennis racquet but do not take a minute to think about the tennis strings. Many tennis racquets are sold prestrung and recreational […]

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Best Tennis Shoes for Every Surface

Looking for the best tennis shoes for your tennis play? Tennis players like to speak about their rackets, grip, strings, and racket weight. How it helps their play and how it makes them a better players. They do not speak so much about the rest of their equipment or wear. […]

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kids tennis

How to Choose the Best Kids Tennis Racket

Any parent who had played tennis in their childhood would wish that they could relive their childhood again just to play the game with the beautiful and comfortable kids tennis racket available today. While children then had to do with the available adult rackets, kids are today lucky enough to […]

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Best men tennis racket 2016

CHECK LATEST POST WITH STATISTICS ABOUT MOST USED AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TENNIS RACKETS IN PROFESSIONAL TENNIS. Next Sunday Davis Cup Final definitely finish men tennis season in Year 2016. However, we already know all tournament winners and final ATP ranking for the Year 2016. And before Christmas and holiday season […]

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wilson tennis balls

Best women tennis racket 2016

CHECK LATEST POST WITH STATISTICS ABOUT MOST USED AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TENNIS RACKETS IN PROFESSIONAL TENNIS. Next Sunday Fed Cup Final definitely finish women tennis season in Year 2016. However, we already know all tournament winners and final WTA ranking for The year 2016. And before Christmas and holiday season […]

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ATP most used tennis court surfaces

Every player has his own favorite tennis court surfaces. Amateur or professional, everybody has its preference. Nadal plays his best on the clay court, Djokovic on the hard surface and Boris Becker made from Wimbledon grass court his living room. I was always thinking about the ATP tournament calendar and their […]

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Best Tennis Books – TOP 7 LIST

There are plenty of books about tennis. Some are written by journalists, some by active tennis players, some by retired tennis players and some by absolute outsiders. I read a lot and I do not hesitate to share my opinions on books. It is hard to find a really good book about the […]

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Best racket in year 2015

CHECK LATEST POST WITH STATISTICS ABOUT MOST USED AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TENNIS RACKETS IN PROFESSIONAL TENNIS. During the year 2015 we were following winners of ATP and WTA tournaments to find out which racket brand has most wins on respective tours. Now it is time to look on overall results […]

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Choosing best tennis racket

Really quick guide on how to choose the best tennis racket for you! How did I choose my first racket? I remember times when I was choosing my first racket. It was such a pleasure, I did not think about many things except two which were important to me. Price […]

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tennis rackets

Best tennis rackets and their prices

At the moment I use the same racquet like Stan Wavrinka. Yonex VCORE Tour G330. Of course, I do not play like him, but sometimes I play with my friend who accidentally uses Wilson Pro Staff RF. During matches, we feel like Wavrinka and Federer in London O2 Arena during […]

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