Babolat vs Wilson Tennis Racket Comparison

Picking the right tennis racket is usually an emotionally driven decision. You hardly find a quality difference between Babolat Pure Aero and Wilson ProStaff. Different types of players need different types of rackets, but for recreational players, the decision usually depends on what they like in terms of design or brand awareness. We looked at Babolat and Wilson tennis rackets trying to find out which one is better. This is not an exhausting comparative review based on hours of playing with different types of Babolat and Wilson rackets. I think that for beginners the choice is pure emotion. Do I like more Babolat or Wilson? Babolat versus Wilson Tennis Racket Comparison written by me.

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My Wilson racket choice


Wilson Clash is the latest model from Wilson. Version 1 was introduced in February 2019. Clash offers a unique combination of power, control, and spin for all intermediate and advanced players.

View at Wilson store or Read my Review of Clash

My Babolat racket choice


Babolat Pure Strike offers new sharp control combining the exceptional feel and dynamic control. Used and approved by Dominic Thiem, US Open 2020 Champion.

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Wilson versus Babolat comparison
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Companies background


Babolat VS S.A. is a French company owned by the family Babolat with headquarters in Lyon, France. Babolat was established in 1875 by Pierre Babolat, who invented natural gut tennis strings. Babolat produces rackets, apparel, shoes, and other equipment for tennis, badminton, and padel. The company is still run by the Babolat family and CEO is Eric Babolat. Babolat is the leader in connected sports technology and in 2015 it introduced the first connected tennis racket.


wilson tennis ballsWilson Sporting Goods Company has headquarters in Chicago, IL. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Finish Amer Group Ltd. from 1989. Wilson was established in 1913 as part of the meat producer Ashland Manufacturing Company. Wilson focused on the special use of slaughterhouse byproducts. In 1914 it produced e.g. tennis strings. The name Wilson Sporting Goods Company was adopted after a series of acquisitions and mergers in 1931.

Currently, Wilson family brands consist of Wilson itself, Louisville, DeMarini, Atec, Evoshield, and Luxilon (tennis strings – check our guide on how to choose the best tennis strings). Wilson produces sportswear and equipment for Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Badminton, Racquetball, and Squash.

Check the full range of Wilson products at the store.



The Blue and white combination is characteristic of Babolat tennis rackets. But you can fairly often see also yellow and black color combination, or red and white. Blue and white, or white and black, or blue and black combination is less common but you can still recognize the usual double stripe.


We can say that Babolat rackets are nice. But Wilson rackets are just spectacular. The current design with the black frame is stunning. I like the simple but modern look of Wilson rackets. I prefer the full black frame version, but rackets with a colored stripe on the racket head (green, orange, or red) are beautiful too.

In my eyes, the design trophy belongs definitely to Wilson, but I know that this is an absolutely subjective evaluation.

Product Range











Detailed specifications of all Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Pure Strike rackets can be found here.







Power and Control and Spin

Spin and Control



Power and Spin

Read our review of WILSON CLASH 100 tennis racket

Read our review of WILSON BLADE 104 tennis racket

Read our review of WILSON BURN 100 Countervail tennis racket

Read our review of WILSON PRO STAFF 97LS tennis racket

Read our review of WILSON ULTRA 100 tennis racket

SHOP WILSON CLASH at official Wilson store HERE

Shop WILSON BLADE at official Wilson store HERE

Shop WILSON BURN at official Wilson Store HERE

Shop WILSON PRO STAFF at official Wilson Shop HERE

Shop WILSON ULTRA at official Wilson Shop HERE

Babolat Pure Aero or Wilson Clash? What do they have in common? And what are the differences? Check Pure Aero vs. Clash comparison here.


Many recreational players make a decision about tennis rackets due to sympathy for some pro players. To have a racket of the same brand (and even type) like your favorite player makes you feel irrationally fine on the tennis court. Babolat and Wilson both have one trademark player everybody knows. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Nadal plays with Babolat Pure Aero and Federer with Wilson Pro Staff. But there are many more players using Babolat and Wilson rackets. Check just a few well-known names below or click on the full list of players.


MenRafael NadalDominic ThiemJack SockFabio FogniniJo Wilfred TsongaSam Querrey
LadiesCaroline WozniackiGarbine MuguruzaKarolina PliskovaJulia GoergesJohanna KontaElise Mertens

The full list of players using Babolat rackets


MenRoger FedererGrigor DimitrovJuan Martin Del PotroMilos RaonicDavid GoffinTennys Sandgren
LadiesSimona HalepElena SvitolinaJelena OstapenkoSerena WilliamsVenus WilliamsPetra Kvitova

The full list of players using Wilson rackets

Generally, Wilson is the most used racket brand on ATP and WTA tours, Babolat is the second most used racket brand.

My subjective pick is …

I like the Babolat family history of inventing and producing a narrow scale of products for racket sports. I like Babolat for keeping the company in private hands and doing what they have done for the past 150 years. They have my sympathy.

I like Wilson’s plain black design of tennis rackets. It is just simple but beautiful.

I respect Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. They both are synonymous with sportsmanship, great tennis, and humility. But I like Roger a little bit more.

So Wilson slightly prevails over Babolat in general not playing characteristics.

But when it comes to the court I tried a lot of Babolat and Wilson rackets and all of them have their positives and cons. Some of them are for aggressive players, some of them for players who play it defensively. For my age and performance (senior, eager but still intermediate player trying to look like a pro but still making too many mistakes) Wilson Clash seems like the top choice. It is the racket that can hide and smooth your shortcomings. The racket offers ultimate control of the ball but still enough power. A full review of Wilson Clash is here. Detailed comparison with Babolat Pure Aero here.

My subjective pick would be: Wilson Clash – you can buy it here

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