Wilson Ultra 100 Tennis Racket Review

I already had experience with Wilson Ultra. I playtested Ultra 97 a few months ago and was really satisfied. This time I took to the court another piece from Ultra collection. Wilson Ultra 100 has a bigger head and should be more suitable for intermediate players. Was it the same good Ultra racket or did I notice some differences?

Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra 100

Overall Rating




Great control from baseline

Less power than expected

Easy to swing

Light and maneuverable


What exactly did I test?

Let’s start with the technical specifications of racket I played with.

Racket: Wilson Ultra 100
Weight: 300 grams/10.6 ounces (without strings)
Length: 27 inches/685 millimeters
Head Size: 100 square inches/645 square centimeters
String pattern: 16 mains/19 crosses
String tension: 55 lbs/25 kg
Unstrung balance: 320 mm/7 pts HL

Embedded technologies:
Parallel Drilling
– creates a more forgiving sweet spot

Wilson Ultra 100 Specs

Wilson Ultra 100 Specs


Wilson Ultra collection is the blue one. Just to remind you, black is Pro Staff, green is Blade, orange is Burn and red-gray is brand new Clash. My tested Wilson Ultra was a little bit different. It did not have the same new design of current Countervail rackets. This one was all blue as you see in the pictures and was tennis sensor ready. Unfortunately or fortunately, I did not prepare any sensor, so no data from my play are available.

You already know that I like the usual Wilson conservative design with black frame and color stripes on sides. This time the stripes were made in light blue in contrast to dark blue on the top and bottom of the frame. Therefore the tested racket with full blue frame seemed to be a bit unusual. Some people can have a problem to recognize Wilson racket in this design. However, the racket looks fine and fresh and I can not object anything.

Playing with Wilson Ultra 100 Tennis Racket

My experience with Wilson Ultra 97 was all about power and control. I was really satisfied with the level of play I reached with a smaller head. Therefore I expected a similar experience with a bigger head of Ultra 100 tennis racket. Other parameters stayed the same, so I did not expect a big change. I could not be wrong more.

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Comfort – Feel

First touches were not very comfortable for me. I needed time to get used to a bigger head. I probably expected too much from the sign forgiving feel on the frame and did not focus too much on my hits. Fortunately, I was able to refocus and gain the feel later.

"Forgiving Feel"

“Forgiving Feel”

The racket itself is very easy to swing and very maneuverable thanks to its 300 grams unstrung weight. I was able to react quickly, the swing went very easy. Wilson Ultra 100 rescued me many times when my footwork was not at the desired level and I was late for the hits. Then I was able to swing fast to get ball immediately after the rebound and still place a well-controlled hit. This racket is really good for defensive play or when you will face a strong hitting opponent. The volleys at the net were another strong point for Wilson Ultra 100. The quick reaction and maneuverability of the racket are very helpful at the net.

Control – Accuracy

Control is definitely the strong point of Wilson Ultra 100. I did not have any problem to land the ball at the places I want. I was able to decide the depth and angle of the shots. The control is perfect from the baseline, on the serve and also on the net. I was able to play long hits baseline to baseline from the defense. The well thought out game is easy with Wilson Ultra 100. You easily control the ball and the opponent. You can play long exchanges from side to side without unforced errors.

Power – Strength

The Ultra 97 was full of power. Wilson Ultra 100 is different. I expected a lot of power and control. The control was at a high level as I already mentioned but the power was missing.

I need a lot of effort to hit strong and still the outcome was just mediocre.  The power was the weak spot tested racket.


Wilson Ultra 100 can be recommended to any intermediate player. In comparison with Wilson Ultra 97, you will miss a little bit of power. On another side, it offers great control of the ball and great reaction time. The swing is easy and quick. This racket can save you when your footwork is not as sharp as it should be.

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