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Next Sunday Davis Cup Final definitely finish men tennis season in Year 2016. However, we already know all tournament winners and final ATP ranking for the Year 2016. And before Christmas and holiday season starts, let us have a look on racket brands most used between men tennis player on ATP tournaments.

Most Used Racket

We looked on final 2016 ATP ranking and counted how many of players played with different racket brands.


  number of players in atp ranking  
  top10 top30 top50 top100 percentage of top100 players
HEAD 4 10 14 31 31%
WILSON 3 9 16 29 29%
BABOLAT 2 6 11 21 21%
YONEX 1 2 3 7 7%
PRINCE 0 3 4 6 6%
PACIFIC 0 0 1 1 1%
DUNLOP 0 0 1 1 1%
TECNIFIBRE 0 0 0 2 2%
PRO KENNEX 0 0 0 1 1%


There is a duo of brands battling for the position of most used tennis racket brand between men pro players. Head and Wilson with slight difference sit at the first two places. Head has one more player in top 10 and top 30, but two fewer players in ATP top 50. In TOP 100 Head is gaining lead again with 31 players comparing to Wilson 29 players.

Third place belongs to Babolat, which lags behind Wilson and Head but have  three times more players in top 100 than Yonex. Yonex is at 4th place with 7 players in top 100 closely followed by Prince. The difference between Yonex and Prince is Stan Wawrinka, who keeps his top 10 position.

Pacific, Dunlop, Tecnifibre, Pro Kennex has single (or as in the case of Tecnifibre 2) player in top 100.

Best men tennis racket

When we compare racket brands according to their tournament wins during the Year 2016 we get an absolutely different picture.


Racket Brand Number of Tournament Wins in 2016 Percentage of tournaments wins
HEAD 33 49%
BABOLAT 13 19%
WILSON 11 16%
YONEX 8 12%

There were sixty-seven ATP tournaments played during the year 2016. Thirty-three of them were won by players using Head rackets. That is an impressive number, forty-nine percent of tournaments sounds really great for Head.

Second most winning racket brand is Babolat, however, lag behind Head is overwhelming. Just thirteen tournaments or nineteen percent were won by Babolat tennis rackets.

Once number one between tennis racket brands, Wilson, ranked just third with eleven tournament wins in 2016. Wilson just hopes that Milos Raonic will be as good as Federer was. Otherwise, Yonex can take Wilson over in future. In 2016 Yonex won eight ATP tournaments.

Dunlop and Prince celebrated just once in 2016. But for both brands, it is a really good result.


Head is absolutely dominating between tennis professionals. Most used racket brand with most wins. We probably call HEAD as best men tennis racket in year 2016.
You can find more details on pages devoted to wins and usage of rackets.


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