Three Best Tennis Rackets under $50

If you are new to tennis or have tennis as a side sport, you still need a good tennis racket. Best tennis rackets are pricey, as you need to pay for quality. However, as a starter, you probably do not want to invest much in the equipment. Fortunately, there are a lot of solid tennis rackets priced under $100 or even $50. We picked a few tennis rackets that can provide a cheap but reasonable solution for your tennis play.

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If you are looking for kids’ tennis rackets – check our guide and do not be afraid as almost all of them are under $100

Best Adult Tennis Rackets under $50

#1 Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Wilson is the number one brand in tennis (I know, Head and Babolat strongly disagree). You can pick from their top lines (Clash, Ultra, Burn, Blade, Pro Staff) or go for a tennis racket aimed at recreational tennis players.

They usually do not have all the technologies used in the top series but still offer a good taste of what it’s like to play with Wilson rackets.

Wilson Adult series tennis rackets provide larger sweet spots (bigger area for your hits) and less weight for a better swing. There are available in a lot of colours and specifications. The prices start a bit under $30, so almost no harm happens even if you pick wrong.

Check Tour Slam, Federer 2, Hammer, or US Open Wilson adult tennis rackets on Amazon for excellent prices here. I like the Wilson Adult Federer 2 shown in the picture above the most.

#2 Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket

Head manufactures one of the most liked kids’ tennis rackets – Head Novak and Head Maria – and dips its feet into the market for beginners too. Head Ti. Conquest is an example of using advanced technology and making the racket affordable for the general public.

The price of the racket starts at $30 and offers an ample 108 square inches head. The large head helps in mastering the strokes.

The Head Ti. Conquest is very light, coming at 9.7 o.z. (275 grams). The frame is made from titanium alloy and provides the necessary stability for your shots.

Check colour availability and price on Amazon here.

#3 Senston Tennis Racket

Senston is a brand owned by the Chinese Fuzhou Shengsidun Sporting Goods Company. It manufactures tennis and badminton rackets under various brands’ names.

Senston is very popular in the recreational tennis category due to its price and packages, including two rackets, two overgrips, two covers, and vibration dampeners. That all is available well below $100 on Amazon here.

The racket is made from aluminium, lightweight with a head size of up to 100 sq. inches.

The package price makes it a good pick if you want to start with tennis as a pair or check all availabilities at the Senson Amazon store.

Tennis Rackets under $50 -What you should not forget?

These rackets are for recreational use or for beginners. They usually have more oversized heads for larger sweat spots (the area for hitting the ball) and have lower weights (below 280 grams).

The length and grip size is the same as with the professional tennis rackets (check all about tennis racket sizes).

The rackets in this price category are usually pre-strung (check the product description), but strings will not last forever. If you get used to playing, replace the strings with quality ones at your tennis club or use our tennis strings guide.

Tennis rackets under $50 can serve well for a long time if you are not playing very extensively. They provide the feel and taste of how it is to play tennis. And if you like it, then move to the better racket.


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