The Right Size of Tennis Racket

What is the right size of the tennis racket? That is the question you will often hear around the courts. And it is not asked just by beginners to the sport. Though, the answer is not easy. The term “size of tennis racket” can relate to three different dimensions: length, head size, grip size. We will discuss all three “sizes” to help you choose the right size for your tennis racket.

Tennis Racket Sizes

The Length of Tennis Racket

We start with the length of the tennis racket. The length is most often referred to as the “size” of the racket.

Racket length is measured from the tip of the head to the bottom of the handle. The length is stated in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

Tennis rackets can be divided into three different categories according to length.

Length in Inches
Kids Tennis Rackets17" - 19" - 21" - 23"
Junior Tennis Rackets25" - 26"
Adult Tennis Rackets27" - 27.25"

Twenty-seven inches tennis racket is the standard for all adult players.

Kids and junior players choose the racket according to their height and strength.

The easy measurement tool for picking the kid’s racket’s right length: Stay upright and hold the racket in your hand. Lower the hand along with your body, and the racket should not touch the ground.

For more information on how to choose the right kid tennis racket according to age and height, refer to our guide.

Head Size

Head size is the area of your tennis racket with the strings. It is measured in square inches.

Sometimes, rackets are divided into categories (mid-plus, mid-size, oversized, super oversized) according to the head size.

Head Size in Square Inches
Mid-Size85 - 95 sq.inches
Mid-Plus98 - 100 sq. inches
Over-SizeOver 100 sq.inches
Super OverSizeOver 110 sq.inches

A bigger head size means more power, and a smaller head size means more control.

Therefore, beginners should use bigger heads (98 sq. inches and more), professionals and advanced players tend to choose smaller head sizes (93 to 100 sq. inches). However, you can also find professionals using bigger head sizes (Andre Agassi).

Kids’ tennis rackets have smaller heads, but it is not as important as the length in choosing the right racket.

The ideal head size is different for individual players. I was used to playing with a 98 sq. inches Yonex racket for a long time, then switched to 100 sq. inches Wilson Clash. I was satisfied with both, and the reason for the change was not the head size.

Some players prefer to have extreme control and pick 95 square inches rackets. Other players like bigger heads more. It is really very individual, and I recommend trying more different rackets before settling with the right one.

My advice for beginners is to choose a racket with a head size in the range of 98 to 100 square inches.

Grip Size

Grip size is the width of the handle. It implies how comfortably you will feel when holding and playing with the racket.

Grip size should fit the size of your palm.

Size in mmUS size in inchesEuropean Size

100 - 103



103 - 106

4 ⅛


106 - 110

4 ¼


110 - 113

4 ⅜


113 - 118

4 ½


118 - 120

4 ⅝


120 - 123

4 ¾


Note: European sizes are sometimes shown without the capital L; just the number states the grip size.

Read more about tennis racket grips.

Tennis rackets with grips 4 ¼ [L2], 4 ⅜ [L3], and 4 ½ [L4] are the most used (and sold).

You can determine the right size for you by measuring the length between the tip of your ring finger and bottom lateral palm. The length in millimeters is your grip size. (you can convert to the European or US size by using the chart above).

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