Babolat Nadal 23 Junior Tennis Racket Review

It is always tricky to pick tennis or any sports equipment for your kid. And it is not easy to write a review for kids sports equipment too. Either you will read the review written by an 8-year-old child or the author will miss the first-hand experience with tested products. Therefore, I try to solve this problem and give you the best possible review of the Babolat Nadal 23 Junior Tennis Racket.

If you are interested in general advice how to choose kids tennis racket according to age and height we have a nice guide here:

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Author’s disclaimer

I am a bit older than Rafael Nadal, so there was no chance in my childhood to play with the junior version of his tennis racket. Now, 23″ tennis racket is too small for me, so I have to find the proxy for my own experience. Someone who plays with Babolat Nadal 23 Junior tennis racket and is willing to share his own opinion about it.

Ideal proxy

By a chance, my 8 years old niece is a regular junior player (if you can you use word regular at such a young age). She definitely has the first-hand experience with Babolat Nadal 23 Junior Tennis racket for almost a year now and she is not afraid to share her opinion.

The Length of the racket

I already mentioned that my niece is 8 years old. Over and above she is approximately 125 cm (or 4.1 feet) high what is the ideal age and height for 23 inches racket. When she holds the racket straight down, the racket head frame did not touch the court surface which is good.

Babolat Nadal 23 Junior_detail_2

The Weight of the racket

Babolat Nadal 23 Junior Tennis Racket weighs 215 g (7.6 oz). It is a light tennis racket comparing to usual 300 grams adult tennis rackets, but it can be heavy for a small child. My niece did not complain about any pain in elbow or wrist after 60 minutes long practice. She did not have any problems to finish a practice session with serving. Her swing was still fresh and quick. Therefore I think this 215 g is o.k. for any 7-8 years old kid playing tennis.

Overall Feeling

Usual reviews would continue with the flex of the stick, ability to hit with sweet spot and similar interesting things. But if you ask an 8-year-old child, the best answer you will get is “I do not know”. But when you ask her, if she likes playing with her Babolat Nadal 23 Junior tennis racket, she says “Yes”. And that is it. In this age, it is not about the brand. It is about the feeling and about the weight. And if you are o.k. with a price, then it is all that matters.


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