Bold Tennis Predictions 2021

The time of the year when the tennis world usually goes quiet is here. This year was so different as we had another unplanned break from March till July. But let us try to go back to normality. This is the time of the year when we reflect on the past season and think about the future one. The time for Bold Tennis Predictions 2021 is here.

Before we start with the reflection of how good or bad our bold tennis predictions 2020 were and go on with 2021 predictions, we need to mention one thing.

The corona times are so different from everything we already experienced. The tournaments are planned and canceled. Tennis is played mostly without fans, and many players choose not to show up because of healthy or travel restrictions.

That makes any predictions a pure guess. But that does mean we will stop doing it 🙂

Read on for our Bold Tennis Predictions 2021.

Look back at 2020

We were right just in one case out of six predictions for 2020. We do not count Wimbledon as it was canceled due to coronavirus spread.

One out of six is a pretty bad result. But we still can give it a bit of color and look better than in reality.

Our grand slam winners’ predictions and the results 2020 with a short commentary are in the tables below.

Australian Open

Australian Open 2020Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsDjokovicPliskova Karolina

In fact, our predictions started pretty well in Australia. We predicted Novak Djokovic as the winner, and he made it right to the trophy there.

Sophie Kenin surprised us a bit, but we expected this season would be her big breakthrough. Though, we expected she to make it at the home slam in New York.

Then the reordering of tournaments complicated our predictions.


Wimbledon 2020Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsDjokovicKvitova
Resultcanceled 🙁canceled 🙁

US Open

US Open 2020Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsMedvedevKenin

We predicted Thiem to win the second grand slam of the season in Paris. He won the second grand slam, but it was played in New York.

Kenin already showed up in Melbourne and lost in New York too soon (round of 16). Medvedev came into the semifinal but lost with Thiem.

French Open

French Open 2020Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsThiemHalep

Roland Garros is always about Rafa Nadal, but we always expect he will finally lose. Unfortunately, Dominic Thiem was too exhausted after his win in New York.

We were absolutely out with our ladies singles predictions, but who was not? Iga Swiatek, who knew her a year ago?

So let us forget the 2020 season and move to Bold Tennis Predictions 2021.

Bold Tennis Predictions 2021

We are doing our predictions a bit in shadow territory. Covid-19 is still here, and the tournament schedule will see many changes as time goes by.

At this point, there is no WTA calendar published. ATP tournament schedule for 2021 is out, but who knows what happens.

We are making our predictions and hope that all Grand Slams will be played in their calendar’s usual spots.

Grand Slam Winners 2021 Predictions

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Australian Open 2021 Predictions

The tournament in Melbourne could be one of the best tournaments in the last 10 years. It looks we could see all the best players on the courts.

Even ones we missed during 2020. Men Singles will be full of energy and rested players.

Roger Federer will make his comeback after injury, Djokovic will be there too. I am a bit in doubt about Rafa Nadal, but I hope he will try to be there.

And we will also see the younger but hungry players as Thiem, Zverev, Medvedev, Rublev and even Kyrgios should present themselves with a tennis racket.

It is tough to pick just one player. I believe that all four young guys mentioned above have a real chance to be in the final.

Out of three “veterans,” I think Djokovic is still the best one. That makes the final Djokovic versus Thiem (or Medvedev, Rublev, or even Zverev) quite probable.

And I would stick with the same prediction as last year. Novak Djokovic is my man.

I believe the level of motivation for Novak will be extremely high after a few unlucky losses (ATP Finals against Thiem or US Open mistake).

Ladies’ singles will be no different. Ashleigh Barty will be back after she skipped all autumn season due to travel restrictions.

She will play home, and I bet she will be as good as ever. Simone Halep and Naomi Osaka should be the main contenders in Melbourne.

I am excluding Serena Williams this time. Even if she shows up in Australia, I do not think she will win a two-week-long tournament anymore.

I see all three (Barty, Halep, Osaka) have equal chances to clinch the title. If I am forced to pick just one name, I will go with Naomi Osaka.

Australian Open 2021Men SinglesLadies Singles
TennisProGuru Winner PredictionsNovak DjokovicNaomi Osaka

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French Open 2021 Predictions

There are two things I repeat every single year when I am writing bold tennis predictions.

The first one: Nadal can not always win the French Open. The second one: Anyone out of the top 30 can win Ladies’ singles.

And I am constantly wrong with the Nadal statement and constantly right with ladies singles (o.k. Swiatek was out of the top 30, but you get the point).

This season I am ready to make the same mistake with men singles. I know that Rafael Nadal is the best clay player in history. Nobody will beat his records on the Roland Garros clay in this century.

But I can not resist the temptation to call his loss. Dominic Thiem is an ideal candidate to do it.

I believed in Thiem for two years in a row, and I hope this time he will make my call right.

Ladies’ singles are hard to predict in any tournament. And Grand Slam is a notch harder as you have 128 players comparing to the usual 32 players draw.

Not that all 128 players have a chance to win a Grand Slam, but half of them have.

Who do I pick as a probable winner?

Simone Halep played two great clay tournaments in 2020 (Prague and Rome). She did not win the French Open 2020 because she met with Swiatek.

She will not repeat last season’s mistakes, and I believe she will win the French Open 2021.

French Open 2021Men SinglesLadies Singles
TennisProGuru Winner PredictionsDominic ThiemSimone Halep

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Wimbledon 2021 Predictions

Wimbledon 2021 will be tricky to guess. We did not see the match on the grass for a year and a half.

That means we need to go back in the memories to find out outstanding players on that surface.

It is much easier among the ladies. Petra Kvitova won Wimbledon twice, and even when she is past her prime, she still flourishes on the green surface.

That is the reason she will be my pick for Wimbledon 2021 winner.

Men singles offer more possible names. Roger Federer is probably the most called one.

Yes, he has a big chance, but I will not go with him. Novak Djokovic seems to be a more reasonable choice.

The reason is clear. He is younger and more determined to win as much as he can.

Wimbledon 2021Men SinglesLadies Singles
TennisProGuru Winner PredictionsNovak DjokovicPetra Kvitova

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US Open 2021 Predictions

Predicting what will happen in 12 months is a tough task. I always think that the US Open can show up new fresh faces with the trophy.

Remember Dominic Thiem in 2020? In 2021 we can either see one of Djokovic, Thiem, or we will see someone young and fresh who will have enough stamina even in September.

Andrey Rublev is my pick for US Open 2021. Surprised? Yes, this one is a really bold prediction.

Osaka, Halep, Kenin, Barty, Andreescu are my top five contenders for the US Open 2021 trophy. In the end, I would go with Ashleigh Barty.

US Open 2021Men SinglesLadies Singles
TennisProGuru Winner PredictionsAndrey RublevAshleigh Barty

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Olympics Tournament Predictions

Tokyo Olympic Games were moved to 2021, and I see no reason to change my initial predictions.

Naomi Osaka will benefit from crowds on her side, and Novak Djokovic wants to win anything he can.

Tokyo 2021Men SinglesLadies Singles
TennisProGuru Winner PredictionsNovak DjokovicNaomi Osaka

Other remarkable (and bold) tennis predictions 2021

The last part of my bold tennis predictions could also be called “who will retire in 2021”.

Last year was quite eventful in the “retirement” business: Caroline Wozniacki, Julia Goerges, Agnieszka Radwanska, Magdalena Rybarikova were the most remarkable names.

Who will retire in 2021?

This time I will add the probability of retirement in 2021 to a few names:

Andy Murray 97%
Barbora Strycova 90%
Roger Federer 90%
Venus Williams 85%
Jo Wilfred Tsonga 85%
Svetlana Kuznetsova 80%
Stan Wawrinka 80%
Samantha Stosur 75%
John Isner 70%
Serena Williams 65%
Rafael Nadal 60%
Richard Gasquet 50%
Gael Monfils 40%

I would bet that at least four names from the list above will call it a career in the next 12 months.

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  1. You think Federer for sure will retire next year?! Hum… i dont. Nadal 60% of retiring?! For real?! Just no.

    • No. Federer won’t retire in the next 3 years. He is right now in the process of rehabilitation from his knee surgeries. So, it is only fitness that matters as he has the best skills ever in the history of the game. He will not only continue playing but also will win at least one more grandslam possibly a second too before calling it quits.

      • The rehab takes longer than expected, he withdraws from Toronto and Cincy and I would say US Open is in doubt too.

        No US Open means he will not play this year anymore. And would he be willing to practice again because of Melbourne? With all the covid uncertainties about travels and quarantine and bubbles? I have my doubts.

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