Who will win Australian Open 2021?

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Who will win Australian Open 2021?

We are in the latest stages of the Australian Open 2021, who of the remaining players in the draw will celebrate with the trophy?

Men Singles Winner

Australian Open 2021 Men Singles Winner

  • Djokovic (58%, 46 Votes)
  • Medvedev (42%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 95

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Ladies Singles Winner

Australian Open 2021 Ladies Singles Winner

  • Osaka (91%, 39 Votes)
  • Brady (9%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 62

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As we update the list of remaining players in the draw, the sum of the percentage will be lower than 100% (the remainder to 100% are votes for players who are already out).

Check what people thought before the start and during the first week of the Australian Open below.

Readers opinion – Australian Open 2021 Winners – Pre-Tournament


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  1. I think the rates are tightening a lot and the young players are eating away slowly but surely at the top three ! We are starting to see it clearly since 2019, especially in the second part of the season from the American tour until the end of the year on indoor courts where youngsters have predominated for 2-3 years now.

    So I believe that the draw games will tip the scales a lot in all tournaments from 2021 ! But if you have to submit to your question and really give a favorite for the Australian Open it seems logical to say that Novak Djokovic has his chances. But I find that Thiem has made remarkable progress on hard, not to mention the other players who gain consistency such constance as Shapovalov or Rublev who slowly begin to relax their game and become less stressed in the face of complicated situations during their matches. They play a game that is more and more serious and diligent, Tsitsipas is starting to get more ripe in his head too, I have listened to his recent interviews a lot and has displayed encouraging signs regarding his focus and his mindset.

    For the Australian Open, I also think of Nadal who will be determined to win his second title in Melbourne as every year (and who displayed a very interesting tactic against Nole in the French Open final, so I can’t wait to see their future confrontations on outdoor hard courts) and of course the return of Federer on the courts. One thing is certain: this tournament will be very interesting to follow ! But I would conclude my opinion by repeating that I think that the draws will impact a lot of tournaments from 2021 ! May the best win !

    • I absolutely agree that the draw will be crucial.

      And I also think that finally, in 2021, we will not discuss just who of Nadal, Federer, Djokovic will win the Grand Slam. We have more good candidates available: Thiem, Tsitsipas, Medvedev, and I would also add Zverev. And all of them have a decent chance.

  2. Analysis being done, I must also say that if I have to let only my heart speak, here is a top 5 ordered players that I would LIKE to see win in Australia, from an emotional point of view:

    1) Nadal (great admiration for him from the first hour, he would deserve so much a second title in Melbourne after 4 defeats in the final ! And to see him overtake Roger there would be exceptional historically and also for his own career… so he’s my first affective choice).

    2) Thiem (a humble, hard worker and persevering person who really deserves a prestigious career ! more, if there is a player who today can claim to interfere with the best players on any surface it’s him).

    3) Sinner (I’m not receptive to his game which I find flat but I like surprises in sport, and we have to admit that this guy has talent, to start 2021 with such a victory would be a thunderclap in the tennis world).

    4) Medvedev (probably the least probable possibility of this top 5 in view of his inconstancy for a year but if there is one lesson that this player has taught us it’s that he should never be forgotten because his inconstancy is also the strength of his unpredictability, I like this player! once again let’s not forget that I just let the heart speak, not the mind).

    5) Federer or Djokovic (because even if I am a pure pro Nadal guy I am very respectful and grateful to live in a tennis era where we can see the three greatest players in history competing for the most prestigious tournaments in the world, we can have individual preferences but still be heartwarming when legends win).

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