Bold Tennis Predictions for 2018

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Bold Tennis Predictions for 2019

Davis Cup Final at the end of November means that tennis season is definitely over. December is time for rest and preparations for another season for players. For me, recreational tennis player and enthusiastic tennis fan, December is time for relax and guessing the future. Who will win most tournaments next year, who will take home Wimbledon trophy, who become next number one? All these questions have a lot of possible answers. And as I am not shy to share my opinions, here are my Bold Tennis Predictions for 2018.

Look back at 2017

Before I start to predict (or better guess) future, let’s look back. 2017 was unusual in many ways. With Murray, Djokovic, Wawrinka taking early rest due to injuries, this year was almost all about Nadal and Federer. Their rivalry was revived once again. Roger Federer won 7 ATP tournaments altogether, 2 grand slams included. The same number of grand slam trophies were won by Rafael Nadal. He won “just” 6 ATP tournaments (GS included), but year end number 1 position puts him at the same level as Roger Federer. Dimitrov win against Goffin at ATP Finals gave new energy and hope to everyone who wants new blood at the top of the tennis world.

Season 2017 in women tennis was absolute opposite to men’s season. Nothing was for sure. No name of the winner was guaranteed. We had 4 different winners of Grand Slam events (Serena Williams, Ostapenko, Muguruza, Stephens) with another lady winning WTA Finals (Wozniacki). WTA Ranking had five different number one placeholder during a year (Kerber, Serena Williams, Pliskova, Muguruza, Halep). 43 different players won at least one of 59 WTA tournaments. Almost every player out of top 100 could win anything.

Bold tennis predictions for 2018

Next year will be quite different. We will see couple returns of dominant players (Djokovic, Murray, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Serena Williams) who took rest because of different reasons last season. Djokovic will have the new coach, Radek Stepanek, who never gives up. On another hand, Murray and Wawrinka will return to the courts without coaches, who showed them a way to the top. Magnus Norman and Ivan Lendl left and their place has to be filled. Young stars like Dimitrov and Zverev hope that this year will be their and Federer and Nadal did not say the last word. Everything is open on ATP tour, the same way as it was open last season at WTA. The year 2018 will not be just about Nadal and Federer.

In WTA we are still waiting for the dominant lady. Someone who will keep winning Slams and be holding number one position for a longer period of time. There are a lot of contenders, but we will definitely see also some favorite downfalls. Cibulkova or Kerber disappointing 2017 campaign after 2016 success can be an example. Karolina Pliskova and Kerber are changing coaches. Everybody expects Serena Williams to return at the same point during the season. Garcia and Wozniacki would like to continue in successful results from October 2017. Guessing the winners of Ladies tournaments is definitely much harder than Men’s.

Grand Slam Winners 2018

Australian Open 2018

Men’s tournament

I can not forget the semifinal between Nadal and Dimitrov and following Federer and Nadal final in 2017. Performance of both rested players was amazing. This year Djokovic, Murray, and Wawrinka will be in the same situation. Rested and hungry for success. All three with new coaches. Then I never underestimate healthy Federer and healthy Nadal. They always play at high level in Australia. Dimitrov also knows that his time is now. I am sure, that we will see more than perfect tennis in Melbourne. Each of six players mentioned can win Australian Open 2018. Pick of mine is Novak Djokovic. His choice of coach is absolutely superb. Radek Stepanek will give him more energy than anyone else. Djokovic will repeat Federer comeback from last year. Believe me.

My winner pick for Australian Open 2018: DJOKOVIC

Ladies tournament

You can say any name from WTA Top 20 and you will either get at least semifinalist or big disappointment in round one. It is hard to guess the winner before January WTA tournaments are played, but it will not be much easier then. Currently, I see Garcia and Wozniacki as big favorites, but it is always hard to repeat October performance in January. Therefore my winner prediction is Karolina Pliskova. She will be rested, she has new coach Tomas Krupa, who made Barbora Strycova number 16 of ranking. She likes courts in Australia and it is time for her to win something big.

My winner pick for Australian Open 2018: PLISKOVA Karolina

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French Open 2018

Men’s tournament

It is harder to predict distant future. Men’s draw of French open is the exception. There is only one king of clay. Healthy Rafael Nadal is unbeatable on clay. Even slightly injured Rafael Nadal is unbeatable on clay (as reference see his only match at ATP Finals 2017 against Goffin. On hard court, on one leg, Nadal made it to the third set). Easy choice.

My winner pick for French Open 2018: NADAL

Ladies tournament

I believe in Angelique Kerber. She can play perfect defensive tennis. On clay, she can return every stroke she receives. She will need time to get used to her new coach, but in May everything will be o.k. for her.

My winner pick for French Open 2018: KERBER

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Wimbledon 2018

Men’s tournament

Federer probably skips clay season and will restart his season on grass. He will be perfectly rested and craving for another big win. Andy Murray always aims high in Wimbledon. And even without Lendl, I can not underestimate him. Djokovic and Dimitrov are another two big names playing big at Wimbledon courts. When I close eyes, I see 5 sets final match between Federer and Dimitrov. Fed and “baby” Fed. What a headline. And Dimitrov makes it.

My winner pick for Wimbledon 2018: DIMITROV

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Ladies tournament

I have no doubts. Last year she was not 100 percent prepared when she came to Wimbledon. Petra Kvitova won Wimbledon two times already and year 2018 will be a great chance for the hattrick. She likes a grass tennis more than anybody and she knows how to play on grass. The win in 2017 would have been a miracle, but win in 2018 is a just perfect match.

My winner pick for Wimbledon 2018: KVITOVA

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US Open 2018

Men’s tournament

Now I am trying to make tennis predictions about September 2018. Crazy, but I will give it a try. A lot of players will be tired, some of them injured. I will pick one who will have enough strength even at the end of the season. Djokovic, with great motivator Stepanek next to him, will be all in for his second grand slam title in 2018.

My winner pick for US Open 2018: DJOKOVIC

Ladies tournament

Maria Sharapova is almost forgotten. Nobody counts her among top tennis players again. But she can play and she definitely will win something big in 2018. New York seems like perfect fit for her. The last big victory.

My winner pick for US Open 2018: SHARAPOVA

Number one in rankings

We will start 2018 with Nadal and Halep as number one in respective rankings.

Nadal will keep his number one position until March tournaments on hard courts in the USA. Miami and Indian Wells bring new number one. One and only Roger Federer. His reign will last until August when comeback of Novak Djokovic will be rewarded with the return to number one position.

We will see a ruthless fight for number one between ladies. Halep will keep her place just till Australian Open when Karolina Pliskova took over the number one position. However, shortly after Gabine Muguruza will take it thanks to the performance in spring. She will keep it until summer when Karolina Pliskova reclaims it again.

My picks for number one position:


Season 2018 will bring some unexpected and some expected retirements.

G.O.A.T Roger Federer will say goodbye to the tennis world at the end of the season. Even with the lighter schedule, he realizes he can not compete with younger players. He is not built for losses with players he easily beat two years ago. He gives it last try at ATP Finals 2018 and then he finishes his pro career.

Rafael Nadal will not retire, but he will reduce his schedule to a minimum. From the year 2019, he will play just clay tournaments. His knees will give him hard time during spring and summer hardcourt tournaments and he will not risk serious injuries anymore. The King of clay will compete just on clay.

Maria Sharapova will win US Open 2018 and leave the tennis world at the top. She returned in 2017 just because of one big success. To prove the world she is a good tennis player. No motivation left brings this decision.

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Word of the tennis season 2018

Roger Federer returned after four months in 2017 and won Australian Open. Then he skipped the clay season 2017 and won Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic will come back in January after 4 months and will win Australian Open 2018. The REST will be the magic word in tennis in 2018. All players will schedule their program more carefully. Nobody from top players would risk injuries due to hard schedule and many games played in short periods of time. Everybody would pick tournaments very carefully with enough time to rest between them.

Comeback of tennis season 2018

Reading my tennis predictions for Grand Slam winners of 2018, you basically know who I think as “comeback” person of the tennis season.

Novak Djokovic will win two Grand Slams and a few ATP Tournaments, he reclaims number one position ranking and will be definitely the tennis player of 2018.

Most successful brand of season 2018

Wilson was the most successful brand in the year 2017. Wilson rackets won most ATP and WTA tournaments this season, what is quite unusual.

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Season 2018 will be different in men tennis. Head players Djokovic and Murray are returning, which means that we will see the battle of three again between Wilson, Head, and Babolat on ATP tournaments. I would guess that HEAD will take most ATP tournament wins in 2018, but the difference between Wilson and Babolat will be really small.

WTA tournaments are in majority won either by Wilson or Babolat. And that will not change. WILSON will probably keep his position of the most winning brand, but with just small margin.

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Looking forward to 2018

That is all of my tennis predictions for 2018. I know I did not try to pick Davis Cup and Fed Cup winners, I did not touch ATP and WTA finals. Well, I did not dare. Even with figuring out who will win Grand Slams I was considering and reconsidering a lot of names for a long time. Now all was written and I am very curious how good I am at predicting the tennis season 2018. I will revisit my tennis predictions regularly to see if I got something right. And you can check how good my predictions were HERE If you think I am absolutely off with my picks, write yours to the comments section.

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Bold Tennis Predictions for 2019

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  1. I can’t see any reasonable scenario where Federer takes the #1 from Nadal. He’s defending AO, IW, and Miami titles! The only way he catches him is if wins or gets RUP in all 3, AND Nadal has to lose early or not play. Federer getting the #1, even for a single week in 2018, is easily the boldest prediction here. I would lay at least 10:1 odds against it.

    • “Federer getting the #1, even for a single week in 2018, is easily the boldest prediction here”

      Don’t you feel stupid now? Seeing as Federer is 155 points behind Nadal, he could easily surpass him if both play at the end of the month… And if both decide not to play, then Federer automatically becomes #1 based on points defending. Let’s see what happens… On top of that, if Federer decides to play FO, Nadal has no chance, even if he wins and Federer is runner up, as Federer will gain 1200 points and Nadal only has points to lose…

      • Why would I feel stupid? Do you feel smart by “predicting” things after they’ve already happened? I’m sure you knew Djokovic would continue to struggle, Murray would need surgery, Nadal would get injured, and Federer would stay healthy enough to repeat as AO champion. It’s funny that you had nothing to say back in November. At that time, it was pretty reasonable to think Federer might not repeat at AO and thus lose a lot of points. People like you are really annoying. But hey, have it it, why don’t you make some predictions for the rest of 2018, then I’ll come back at the end of the year and tell you you’re stupid if you got any wrong?

        • I do not feel smart at all. I just don’t waste my time by “pretending” I am smart enough to “know” what is going to happen. As I have learned in life, nothing is predictable, yet people still waste their time thinking they know better (And maybe some people are not like this, yet I have seen people fight over and over and over and over again about predictions, who knows why…). I just like pointing it out to people… So no, I did not “predict” last year and I am not going to “predict” 2018, as I know that what I am going to say or think or feel, will most probably not work out the way I want to. But hey, if it makes you happy and takes 20 minutes out of your day to “predict” things with the 50:50 chance to be right, then great! And sure, I’m annoying, but also smart enough to know that predictions are stupid and it makes people look arrogant to think they “know” what is going to happen. Unfortunately, I actually do feel stupid and annoyed at myself for wasting my own time in writing the first comment and having to write another…

    • You are right too bold prediction 🙂 however, I think Nadal will have a problems to play on hard courts, therefore there is possibility he skip tournaments in US (Miami) and lose a lot of points. On other hand Federer will not win AO, but still can go to the final. The same with Miami and IW.
      I agree it is remote possibility but still viable. Let’s 2018 and players decide 🙂 thanka

  2. Wow. I am going to disagree with you on some of these fronts. Too difficult, point-wise, for Federer to even keep up the points he has (let alone gain new ones). I can’t argue for or against Djokovic. I think you’re a bit “bold,” as you say. What’s been lacking from Djoker, for a while now, has been hunger! I don’t see it/feel it from him. Maybe the family thing has taken hold of him (seems like it has). With tennis, you have to really really really really want it, no matter how much talent you have. Honestly, that run of 4 consecutive was so mentally taxing–he had the most dominating run in modern tennis–that I think he just “checked out” of tennis. I actually said he should have taken all of last season off to regain (if he chose) his hunger for tennis.

    I think Fed’s chances of winning are on such a small margin. Literally, he has to be tip-top to win. His last year’s AO was close on many occasions (3 5-setters?). The margin is just so small, and I wonder what his conditioning will be like (fatigue factor) after a long 2017. I have learned, however, to NEVER count out Fed. Never ever. I think he’s also a wild card w/r/t how his 2018 goes, but I do not believe, in any way whatsoever, that he’s retiring. He’s already said that he wants to play another Olympics–that’s 2020! Fed is all about staying healthy, and he knows that if he’s healthy, he can compete w/ anyone. So, it’s all about health, and when he loses it, taking time off to regain it. He’s gonna be around a while longer.

    Dimitrov is my ONE pick for a player who has never won a major to win in 2018. I think he is peaking, and it’s his time to rise up. I agree w/ your Wimbledon pick, and I would be surprised if he’s not super-competitive at AO. I wonder who will be on the other side of the draw. I don’t see Zverev ready quite yet.

    • Your opinions are pretty well articulated. Hard to oppose them 🙂 Just two remarks.

      I think Djokovic will be prepared well and his hunger will be the same as Federer’s last January. Addition of Stepanek to his coach team is another proof of his hunger for wins. Radek was always a fighter, who never gives up and he will inject it into Djokovic’s head too hopefully. So I believe in Djoker in 2018.

      I would never dare to count Federer out of play. But I think, the fatigue & injury aspect can influence him a lot. It was noticeable in 2017, the start of the season for Roger was absolutely perfect, he was full of power from January until April after long rest in 2016. Then he rested again during clay season just to return to full power again for Wimbledon. However, at the end of the season, his play went down, even with wins in Shanghai and Basel, his performance in London ATP Finals was far from perfect. I would say, that every other season it will be worse and it is just question of time when he realizes that he is not able to win big tournaments anymore. Or he will be playing much fewer tournaments than this year.

  3. Good stuff….. Not sure about agreeing with everything but very valid points. You did not mention Robredo, Youzhny, and a Schiavone as well as Roberta V . Although not contestants for top spots they have all had success and are at the end. Do you think they will retire as well?

    • Many Thanks.

      Good question. I would say that Robredo is almost retired as he played a few challengers lately. Schiavone a Vinci are probably at the end too. So my humble prediction is that those three players will retire.
      With Youzhny I am not so sure, I would say he will continue for two or three years, he still can win some matches (remember his match with Federer this season)

      But of course everything depends on health. Any injury even light one can cause retirement, as return at this age is much much harder (look at Stepanek or Hantuchova this season.

  4. Prediction 2018: Serena: 2 to 3 slams, the rest: maybe Halep will get 1, Muguruza 1
    Men’s: Fed: 1 or 0 slam, Nadal: 1 or 2, Djokovic: 1, Murray: 1 or 0

    • Thanks.
      I am not so sure about Serena. I see that people are really optimistic about her return, but I have doubts about it. Her will, motivation etc. can be much different than before.
      And I hear a lot about Murray’s problems, do not be surprised if he skips a substantial part of a season. But of course, Wimbledon is Wimbledon and there he has always his window of opportunity.

  5. Worst predictions ever red. Wtf. How is Federer gonna retire? You say he can’t compete with young guys. Wtf he just won 2 majors this year and had the best win loss percentage. Destroyed dimitrov at Wimbledon and beat Rafa 4 times. Also beat zverev 3 times this year. Come on. He is the best player right now . I see you have no idea about tennis. I doubt nole is gonna win a Major this year…

    • Well. Thanks for your opinion. Let the next 12 months decide who was right 😉

      • Shit review.. Novak winning two majors and #1 rankings on top of that Federer’s must be high man

        • It is just March. Could you please wait with your bold judgment at least a few more months?

  6. Why do you think that sharapova is reteiring in 2018? i heard she wanted to play until 2020! IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES IN TOKYO

    • Take it as a really bold prediction for 2018.

      But the thinking behind was following:
      She will be 31 in April. Competition is pretty tough these days in WTA and she can not hope for many more tournaments wins. So she knows that her career finish is close, but I believe she wants at least one big victory. So if she wins one grand slam (my another bold prediction) she will be once more at the top of attention. The ideal time to say goodbye.

  7. Rafael Nadal gonna win 3 Slams in 2018 australian,Roland garros…of course and us open .wim bled on is for….Marin cilic?

  8. Shit review.. Novak winning two majors and #1 rankings on top of that Federer’s must be high man

    • It is just March. Could you please wait with your bold judgment at least a few more months?

    • Well, man. Djokovic already won Wimbledon and US Open (that’s two majors) and he will be #1 on Monday 5th November.

  9. Your predictions have not planned out very well. Djokovic has had a number of coaches since Stepanek. Your accuracy level must be quite low.

    • Well, he just switched from Stepanek-Agassi back to Vajda. But you are right, I predicted Nole winning the Australian Open and US Open and he won Wimbledon. Still, I can hope he will win US OPEN too.

  10. Not sure about agreeing with everything but very valid points. I Hope Novak Djokovic can win… 🙂

  11. Good stuff….. Not sure about agreeing with everything but very valid points. You did not mention Robredo, Youzhny, and a Schiavone as well as Roberta V.

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