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ATP Finals followed by Davis Cup Final marks the end of the tennis year of 2018. A lot happened this year and we will see a lot of discussion about the tennis year 2018. And many will ask what will happen next year? What will the year 2019 bring? We try to answer your questions in our Bold Tennis Predictions for 2019.

Look back at 2018

We did our bold tennis predictions for 2018 in November 2017. We tried to predict Grand Slam winners, the most successful brand in men and women tennis, the number one position holders in rankings. We made three bold event predictions and comeback of the year prediction.

Let’s start with brands. We were right with Wilson taking the most tournament wins in WTA tour. We are definitely proud of this result. We were not so successful with the best ATP brand, but still, we were not so far away.

We were not that good at guessing the Grand Slam winners. We got just two correct (out of eight) picks. We were right with Nadal dominating French Open 2018 (as usual, so that was not a very hard prediction) and Djokovic win at US Open 2018. We were absolutely hopeless in guessing winners of Ladies Singles at Grand Slam. We got nothing right and we have to try harder with next year predictions.

We were good at predicting number one in ATP Singles Ranking, but again we were very bad in WTA Singles Ranking guesses.

Three bold event predictions (Federer and Sharapova retirement and Nadal focusing solely on clay tournaments) were so bold, that none of them was fulfilled.

Comeback of the year is hard to evaluate, but Novak Djokovic was so impressive in the second half of the 2018 season. Nobody will object if call this prediction as successful.

Generally, we can be satisfied with our ATP predictions, but we were absolutely clueless in WTA predictions.

We hope we will be better with our 2019 bold tennis predictions, but you know that we cannot guarantee that.

Bold Tennis Predictions 2019

Grand Slam Winners 2019 Predictions

Australian Open 2019 Predictions

We believed in Novak Djokovic in 2018 and we do not have any reason to lose our belief in him. Novak Djokovic tried a lot, but after settling with his old good coach Marian Vajda, he is back on a track. He can have a dream season again if he stays healthy. We believe Djokovic can win three out of four Grand Slams and even the fourth one (French Open) win is not excluded. Australian Open will be special for Federer, who would like to gain the third title in a row there. He will come perfectly prepared, but even in his best shape, he would have a problem to beat Djokovic.

Predicting any WTA tournament is pretty hard, as the field of possible winners is too wide. We think that Karolina Pliskova would deserve to win Grand Slam event finally. However, there is Serena Williams looking for revenge after US Open 2018 unfortunate final. In the end, we will pick Pliskova as youth energy should prevail again.

Australian Open 2019Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsDjokovicPliskova Karolina

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French Open 2019 Predictions

We suspect that Federer will skip clay season again, so the favorites are Thiem, Del Potro, Djokovic, and Nadal, of course. Rafael Nadal will be the pick of everyone, but we try to be really bold. We believe, that there is a pretty good chance that Dominic Thiem will repeat his run to final from the year 2018. And this time he will be much more prepared than in 2018.

There are two names in Ladies singles, we think can do well in Paris. Garbine Muguruza and Angelique Kerber. We are split half to half here at, but at the end, we decided to choose Kerber as French Open 2019 winner.

French Open 2019Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsThiemKerber

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Wimbledon 2019 Predictions

Who will be against Federer – Djokovic final in Wimbledon? Maybe fans from the UK would prefer Murray – Whoever final, but I doubt Andy will be there next year. And as we already written above, 2019 will be Novak Djokovic year in tennis.

When we think about Ladies and Wimbledon, there is one name which always comes to our minds. Petra Kvitova. She won Wimbledon twice and she is always one of the biggest pre-tournament favorites. It is always hard to handle big expectations and pressure from fans, but we believe that she can make it in 2019. She need just win the first and second round and then nobody can stop her.

Wimbledon 2019Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsDjokovicKvitova

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US Open 2019 Predictions

It is harder to make predictions for events far away in the future. We pretty strongly believe in our Australian Open 2019 winner picks. We still believe in our US Open 2019 winner picks, but our margin of error can be much wider.

Novak Djokovic will definitely like our wish for him to make the year 2019 perfect with third Grand Slam win. We expect that old guns like Nadal and Federer will be too tired, and young players will be too afraid to damage Novak dream year.

Serena Williams will focus on regaining the esteem of the tennis world. And we believe she will make everything to not repeat US Open 2018. If she could pick one Grand Slam to win for rest of her career, it would be definitely US Open 2019.

US Open 2019Men Singles WinnerLadies Singles Winner
TennisProGuru PredictionsDjokovicWilliams Serena

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Remarkable events of 2019

Roger Federer Farewell

We definitely will be right once if we repeat our Federer retirement prediction every year. We were wrong in 2018, but are pretty sure our case for Roger saying goodbye to professional tennis in 2019 is much stronger. We see three major reasons why he decides to leave the tennis career in 2019.

Firstly, he will be 38 years old in August 2019.

Secondly, he will not win a single Grand Slam title in 2019. He will be still able to reach late stages of tournaments (quarterfinals, semifinals, and even finals), but win at Grand Slam will be out of his reach. And we all know how he hates losing.

Thirdly, Laver Cup will be hosted in Geneva, Switzerland. The tournament he invented and promoted will be played in his home country. He can not find a better place for his last competitive match.

Davis Cup 2019

Davis Cup will be played in a new format from the 18th until 24th November 2019. Everybody will be curious how it turns out. We are skeptical about it. Top players will not want to have one week longer season and will skip this event at the end of the season. We will see a lot of good players but not the absolute top players. The new format of the competition will be unfamiliar to many and will not draw enough attraction and emotions.

Most successful brands in 2019

We will be foolish not to pick Head as a brand with most ATP Tournament wins in 2019. Novak Djokovic alone will win at least 5 tournaments. It will be enough to make a difference in brands competition. However, we need to say, that differences between Head, Wilson, and Babolat will not be very big.

The best brand in WTA tournaments will be either Wilson or Babolat. Yonex is emerging as a strong contender, but in 2019 it will lag behind the two tennis giants. We say that Wilson will repeat 2018 and will gain most WTA Tournament wins in 2019.

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  1. Any prediction/s that do not put Roger Federer in contention is nothing but thrash!!!

    • Yes, we know him. But his injuries bother us. Still one of the biggest Roland Garros favorite.

    • I think that you are right. Nadal has already won the French and has a good shot at Wimbledon and the US Open. Likewise for Osaka.

  2. As of June 13, 2019, you are 1 out of 4, which is 25%, not any better than an average tennis spectator. The issue that I have with your predictions is that you predict from your heart and not from your head. Your predictions appear like a tennis fan making predictions and not a tennis “Pro guru” making predictions.

    • Yep you are right, my results are not very good so far this year, but I still prefer to evaluate after the season finishes

      • To be fair for you though, I don’t think that many people would have predicted Osaka to with the AO and Barty to win RG but betting Thiem against Nadal at the French Open is not comprehensible. I think that your bets for Wimbledon and the US Open are reasonable.

        My predictions:

        Wimbledon 2019
        Men’s Singles: Nadal
        Women’s Singles: Osaka

        US Open 2019
        Men’s Singles: Nadal
        Women’s Singles: Osaka

        Fingers crossed!

        • Hi, I really appreciate your opinion.

          I add a little bit reasoning for that Thiem bet. First of all, it is called bold predictions, so I need to be a little bit bold there. Taking into account Nadal health and Thiem emerging as clear clay contender last year, I was pretty sure that this season we can see a big surprise. Even the clay tournaments this season showed that Nadal is beatable on the clay (however not in Paris). Thiem was able to reach the final that gives me a little relief. However, I fully accept that my bet was wrong but I will try it again next year. I think we are very close to the moment that Nadal will lose in Paris, he is older, he is more often injured so it is just a question of time.

          That is the reason I do not see Nadal win another Grand Slam again. He will play just one tournament on the grass, Wimbledon and I think he is not as good on other surfaces as on the clay.

          I would call your predictions bold too, as I expect Naomi Osaka to have some downs and ups in coming months, would be very surprised if she will win another two slams this year. But that is good in any sport and also in tennis that anyone can win.

          Good luck with your picks, we will see in a month how it goes in Wimbledon.

          Good luck again and many thanks for sharing your opinion.

  3. you made great prediction on djokovic and he won aus open , wimbledon .

    let’s see if he can win us open .

    thank you and continue on your predictions

    • Many thanks. At least I have some success on ATP as WTA is a pure disaster 🙂

  4. Djokovic won aus open and wimbledon .

    Theim reached the final of Roland Garros .

    your predictions is very good .

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