Best Funny Tennis Moments

Behind all the Blood, Sweat and Tears that go into making Tennis Champions, there’s an unconventional human side to these lean machines of human muscle. Rarely does a spectator get to see their tennis idols in a moment of relaxation. Even rarer are the impromptu, unrehearsed show stopping antics that occur when you least expect them…

1. When Steffi Graff was Proposed to During a Match

Wimbledon 1995: Beautiful German star, Steffi Graf was halted mid-serve, when a man yelled from the stands, “Steffi, will you marry me?” It was Steffi’s reply to the proposal that became an instant hit with the crowd and broadcast around-the-world. “How much money do you have?” asked a smiling Steffi.

2. Novak Djokovic & Will Smith Entertain the Crowds in Argentina (Dancing Kings)

What happens when two famous stars share the same stage? When Djokovic recognized a spectator in the crowd in Argentina, a simple head nod of acknowledgment to each other turned into something much bigger. It was only moments before the entire audience was treated to an impromptu “Dance of the Kings”.

3. When Andy Roddick Served so Hard that the Ball Got Stuck

Could this be the greatest serve ever? If you have played – or worse still – fallen on a clay tennis court, then you will realize just how hard a clay court really is. Watch and see what happens when a powerful tennis player such as Andy Roddick serves a personal best of 155mph onto a clay court – do you believe it or not?

4. When Andre Agassi Showed Federer Who’s the Boss

It’s not every day you get the chance to upstage a world champion. At a charity tennis match between Agassi and Federer, it was Federer who had the upper hand – for a while anyway. Always willing to oblige Agassi asked the champ what speed he would like to receive his next serve. Watch what happens when Federer gives the orders.

5. When Boris Becker got so Frustrated that he Let a Ball Girl Play Instead

Boris Becker is the only player in the world who knows how to intimidate Andre Agassi. How does he do it? Easy, hand your racquet over to the nearest ball girl and let her take over the match!

6. Djokovic-Serena Gangnam Style in the Australian Open

Why stick to conventional pre-match preparations when you can get away with an entertaining warm up on “kids day”? Watch as the entire audience join Djokovic and Serena in their Gangnam Style warm up at the Australia Open in Melbourne, Australia.

7. When Marco Baghdatis Got So Worked Up That He Destroyed 4 Racquets

Break Point or Breaking Point? Talk about a temper tantrum! No shortage of clichés with this outburst – Sore Loser, Hot Head – the game isn’t even over yet… and notice the smile of satisfaction when a “brand new, still in its packet” racquet fails the strength test too.

8. Roddick Pretended to be Nadal Against Federer

It wasn’t going to happen in real life so Roddick had to make it happen – and he won the set! An impersonation is a form of flattery and this is almost a perfect performance. Hard to judge who enjoyed it more, Federer or the audience.

9. Tennis Match or Grunting Contest?

We are all used to the echoes of a bouncing tennis ball to-ing and fro-ing across the court. In fact, the sound of a bouncing tennis ball is pretty awesome. But what is it with the now often accompanying grunt made by some players while hitting their shots? We can blame Monica Seles for this distracting and obnoxious sound.

10. Tennis’ Greatest Entertainer Mansour Bahrami

A naturally gifted, retired professional tennis player, Iranian-born Mansour Bahrami is known in tennis circles as the “Court Jester”. Self-taught, Bahrami learned to play tennis using an old metal frying pan. Making people laugh comes naturally but it takes passion as well as skill to turn a game of tennis into an entertaining and funny pastime. The tennis community will forever be grateful that this funny man didn’t prefer golf.

Did you enjoy our selection of the funniest tennis moments? No worries, we have got even more for you. Read the funniest tennis puns we have found on the internet.


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