10 Interesting facts about the WTA Tour 2022 season

WTA 2022 season is over! All 79 WTA tournaments were played and the trophies to winners were awarded. Check out 10 interesting facts about the finished season.

The next season starts in January, here is WTA TOUR 2023 Tournament Schedule

10 Interesting facts about the WTA Tour 2022 season

  • More than 10% of WTA Tour tournaments (8 of 79) in 2022 were won by one player. Guess who it is.
  • Approximately 84% of players in the WTA TOP 100 ranking use Wilson, Babolat, or Yonex rackets. (if we add Head, the share rises to 95%). The exact numbers are here.
  • Just 2 players of the WTA TOP 100 ranking play with Tecnifibre racket, but they won 12% of tournaments (9 of 79).
  • There is just 1 player in the WTA TOP 100 playing with an Artengo racket, but she managed to win two tournaments.
  • Most players of the WTA TOP 100 play with the Wilson racket (35%).
  • Most tournaments of the WTA Tour 2022 were won with a Wilson racket (39%).
  • 53 different players won at least one WTA tournament in 2022, and 39 players won exactly one WTA tournament.
  • Iga Swiatek won as many tournaments as the second and third most successful lady (Garcia and Sheriff) on the tour together.
  • 2 out of 4 Grand Slam tournaments were won with the Tecnifibre racket, Head and Yonex claimed one win each.
  • 4 out of 8 WTA 1000 tournaments were won with the Tecnifibre racket, and Wilson and Yonex claimed two wins each.

WTA TOUR 2022 Tournament Schedule with the names of winners and rackets they played with is here

The up-to-date WTA TOP 100 Ranking is here.

More about racket brand shares can be found here.

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