The Day After – Tennis Column #38

The Covid-19 outbreak and restrictions imposed by many governments left many people in surprise. Tennis fans know this state of things. December is the month when there is almost no tennis tournament played except for a few exhibitions. There are just two differences. Instead of looking forward to Christmas, we are now in the middle of March. And more importantly, we do not know when this suspension ends. It will last till April,20 at least, but many reports suggest the suspension can take 2 or 3 months. Either way, I am far from being desperate. This unexpected break also brings a lot of good things. Here is the silver lining in what is happening now.

Rest is important

All the players got a six weeks break, and they can heal the injuries suffered in Australia. No matter if we start in May, June, or July, players will be full of strength, in the right physical conditions, and eager to win.

No Federer, No Tennis?

Roger Federer underwent knee surgery at the beginning of February. He announced he would return for the grass season. Some Federer fans say that tennis without him is useless. Now they know it is not true and would give anything for at least one match a day.

Heal it!

Raonic, Del Potro, Nadal are players who had their health problems too. Now it is a great time to heal them all. Once the season restarts, all will be in excellent condition, ready and eager to compete.

No more withdrawals at the US Open

Autumn tournaments, usually US Open and all events after, face a lot of withdrawals from many players. This season looks different. The six-week break gave players enough time to prepare better and be fit until the end of the season.

Tennis in December? Maybe.

Maybe we will see some rescheduling in the ATP and WTA calendar. That would mean that we will see some tournaments even in December.

Better Davis Cup Finals

Davis Cup inaugural event last November was entertaining, but a lot of players had their objections before. Some of the stars even withdrew from the competition. I do not expect such a scenario this season. Even star players would like to participate. The players outside of the top 100 would like to cover the fallout in revenues caused by March-April suspension and will play with full effort.

Not probable, but nice to think about it

Bernard Tomic maybe finds out that tennis is not as lousy job as he thought before.

Stay safe

Be safe, and look forward to the day after this suspension. A lot of good things are ahead of us. And if you are thinking about some practice. Check our advice on what tennis things you can do now.

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